6 of the Best Casinos in Eastern Europe

When it comes to a good casino, everyone probably imagines Las Vegas, and it is not surprising. All because it is strongly associated with luxury, elegance, and all the fun that a good land-based casino can offer.

This is not only because the word casinos directly connects with this city. But also because the most famous and visited land-based casinos in the world are located there. But not only there.

In this article, we will talk about the best casinos in Eastern Europe. Many of them have a better reputation than Las Vegas and will surprise you with their luxury.

So, which casinos are the best in Europe? We will look at 6 of them, which earned the reputation of the best casinos. Believe me, if you are a real fan of casinos. Then you should not only use N1 Casino, but it is compulsory for you to visit at least one of the land-based casinos listed. 

Barcelona Casino

It is one of the most important casinos in Europe, located on Marina Street in Barcelona. It offers a truly wide world of entertainment.

For example, there is an event area where you can enjoy live music, monologues, and dance halls. Even exhibition and conference rooms. It is important to mention that it is also an important gastronomic place. All the rooms are very well prepared, which makes the gameplay always very enjoyable. 

Baden-Baden Casino

This one is located in Germany and has gained a lot of fame recently. This casino is full of elegance so it would be really hard to forget it. It is one of the most beautiful casinos in the world, that is why lots of very important people have been visiting it.

For example, singer Marlene Dietrich had a Baden-Baden casino recently. As well as lots of other celebrities which makes this place even more prestigious.

Monte Carlo Casino

Everybody has heard about Monte Carlo, it is like the second Las Vegas, but in Europe. Whatever you are looking for in a casino, you will find it in Monte Carlo without any problems. The Opera has always considered this casino to be one of the best venues for its performances. As soon as we approach the entrance, we notice the beautiful facade and the elegance of the gardens.

If you want to visit the casino inside, you will need to get dressed well. Because this place is really gorgeous and prestigious, and it is some kind of red carpet. Also, if you do not wear the appropriate clothes, you will be denied access.

Madrid Casino

Madrid casino is also known as one of the most important casinos in Spain and Europe. This casino has a functional style and large dimensions. Can you imagine that, particularly, its area is 8000 square meters? The entrance to the casino is unbelievable, and it is all because of the manicured gardens and a beautiful big fountain above which stands the statue of Santiago. 

Lisbon’s casino

It is hard to believe, but it is one of the youngest casinos on the list, but that does not make it worse. Since its creation in 2006, it has continued to gain popularity among players yearly. Also, the place is huge.

There are more than a thousand slot machines, several dozen gaming tables, lots of bars, of course, as well as restaurants and even a large theater. 

Casino of Venice

Did you know that this casino was built in 1930? Moreover, it is really hard to believe, but this place is almost 100 years old. Being one of the oldest gambling houses in Italy. It has become almost a landmark. Inside, you will find a wide range of rooms, and they all look even more than just incredible. So, if you haven’t visited it yet. But really want to, you can go or at least do it virtually through the site. 

We think that all these places have a lot in common. But on the other hand, they can be very different if we are talking about the details. So it would be even better for you to check all of them and spend some time enjoying the culture of these beautiful places.

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