Wildlife Awaits Why Zimbabwe Belongs on Your Safari Shortlist

Lush floodplains dotted with elephants… Lions napping in acacia trees as cubs play nearby… Endangered African wild dogs racing past your 4×4 in legendary Hwange National Park… From classic big game sightings to majestic Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe delivers bucket-list adventures galore.

Yet Zimbabwe often gets overlooked for other Eastern and Southern African safari hotspots. It’s time to give this underrated gem its time in the spotlight. Read on to discover why Zimbabwe needs to be on your safari shortlist.

Abundant Wildlife Populations

While neighboring countries like Kenya and South Africa boast great wildlife too, Zimbabwe’s national parks shelter incredibly dense and diverse animal populations. Hwange National Park protects one of Africa’s largest elephants herds, with over 100,000 majestic jumbos roaming its expansive savannas and woodlands. 

The UNESCO-protected Mana Pools National Park harbors all “Big 5” species – lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and Cape buffalo – plus 350 bird types along the Zambezi River. Rare African wild dogs, cheetahs, hippos, hyenas and large antelope like sable and roan fill out ecosystems nationwide. Carefully regulated hunting has kept human encroachment at bay, letting wildlife thrive.

Spectacular Landscapes

In addition to fabulous fauna, Zimbabwe’s landscapes astound. Otherworldly granite domes dot the Matobo Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where black eagles ride thermals over grassy highlands. Overflowing Zambezi River channels carve the Batoka Gorge below Victoria Falls’ epic mile-wide cascades. 

Great Zimbabwe’s medieval stone ruins impress amidst nearby mountains. Lake Kariba’s shimmering waters host houseboats and hippos. The diversity of stirring settings combined with plentiful wildlife cements Zimbabwe’s safari pedigree.

Fantastic Value

Since Zimbabwe safaris are still overshadowed by neighboring countries, you’ll find fantastic value in Zimbabwe’s impressive parks and comfortable safari camps. 

Mid-range hotel prices average under US$250 per night in places like Hwange town or Victoria Falls. Even luxury tent camps inside top national parks run 40-60% cheaper than comparable options across borders. Shared safari drive packages bring costs lower still. That means getting 5-star wildlife experiences for 3-star prices!

How to Plan Your Dream Zimbabwe Safari

Looking to put Zimbabwe safaris on your travel shortlist? First pinpoint your interests – classic big game drives, Zimbabwean history and culture, photography, etc – to establish an itinerary. 

Top specialists like Falcon Safaris craft custom journeys aligned to your passions. Their expert guides maximize sightings year-round through their deep understanding of Zimbabwe’s natural rhythms. All-inclusive group set departures like Falcon’s 12-day Sooty Tour also simplify hassle-free adventures. 

Whether on bespoke private safaris or small group trips, professional tour operators eliminate logistical headaches so you simply soak up Zimbabwe’s beauty.

With a dream safari now easier and cheaper to arrange than ever, Zimbabwe offers the perfect antidote to crowded parks plagued by safari traffic jams. Immerse in authentic wilderness and warm Zimbabwean hospitality, ticking off bucket-list species for a fraction of the cost.

Let your FOMO finally rest – those Instagram safari dreams are ready to blossom into reality in spectacular, affordable Zimbabwe.

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