Best iPhone Parts Suppliers in Australia

Are you looking for the best iPhone parts supplier in Australia, and you have yet to be able to locate one? Then you have hit the right spot. We all desire to have an updated and glossy cell phone. But when we analyze our budgets in the current economic recession, many flagship smartphones are now out of most people’s purchasing power. 

A good smartphone of medium-range specifications costs around $800 to $1000, which is expensive for most of us. But getting an older version and having it repaired, if required, is still a viable option than buying a new expensive one. The purchase of used iPhones specifically, and Android phones generally have increased many folds in recent times.

Why is There a Need for Iphone Spare Parts?

Purchasing a used phone instead of a new one resonates with many users worldwide. The used cell phone market in Australia is huge and rapidly growing. And so is the demand for repair parts for different smartphones. If you’re looking for the best quality iPhone parts, look no further than Fixo a parts supplier of iPhone.

As per some stats, there are more than four and a half billion cell phone users worldwide. Very few of the used phones are good to go, but most of them need repair. To get it repaired, you need to have a trustworthy parts supplier. And it takes a lot of work to find a reliable supplier. You will find many iphone parts suppliers in Australia, but Fixo iPhone Parts Supplier is considered the best among all. Fixo iPhone Parts Supplier is the authorized wholesaler of repair parts for various iPhone models. Before replacement, we have three main options;

  • OEM Apple Parts

 These are high-quality, genuine iPhone parts but very expensive.

  • Aftermarket Parts

Third-party alternatives that are less expensive and often as good as the genuine parts.

  • Refurbished Parts

These are repaired original OEM components that provide a fair balance of quality and price.

Let’s look at a few of Australia’s most in-demand iPhone spare parts suppliers, along with Fixo iPhone Parts Supplier.


At number one, we place Fixo because it’s Australia’s leading and most in-demand supplier—Fixo stocks original second-hand, refurbished, and aftermarket compatible parts for iPhone. If you’re looking for the best quality iPhone parts, look no further than Fixo – a supplier of iPhones.

Fixo iPhone Parts Supplier stock original second-hand, refurbished, and aftermarket compatible parts for iPhone. If you’re looking for the best quality iPhone parts, you can surely count on Fixo – a supplier of iPhone parts such as LCD / OLED screens, batteries, charger ports, and other parts to repair stores across Australia. Fixo iPhone Parts Supplier is a leading provider of iPhone parts and spares.

This leading supplier is driven by a vision of delivering premium quality iphone parts to your door FAST all across Australia, supporting your phone repair & repair business. They are the only suppliers in Aussie land that deliver your replacements to your doorsteps.

Fixo deals in all smartphone spare parts. Top of the list is the iPhone. With various spare parts ranging from DIY repair kits, screens- LCD & OLED, camera assemblies, lens covers, batteries, charger ports, and any part you require anywhere across Australia. Fixo works on only one motto: “Satisfied or else get a Refund.”

They provide top-notch customer support, selling their products and ensuring customer satisfaction and understanding regarding the replacements they offer.

Not only for the latest models, but Fixo Provides spare parts for all the existing iPhone models in the market. Fixo iPhone parts supplier is leading the list with a wonderful money-back replacement and refund facility. And wait, this is not it; Fixo- A supplier of iPhone parts, offers huge discounts on its products, which will greatly relieve your savings. Visit the website and enjoy the rebate at

Gadget parts

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It’s also a leading iPhone parts supplier in Australia. Not only iPhone; they deal in other smartphones and laptops, too. With a wide range of spare parts, Gadget Parts strives for excellence. Providing hundreds of accessories and smartphone parts, Gadget Parts provides warranty claims with a money-back guarantee. 

Like others, Gadget Parts offers tremendous discount deals on its various products, ranging from hands-free, mobile charging adaptors, OLED/LCD screens, rear and front camera assemblies, lens glass covers, and many more. Their supplies cover many iPhone models, from the iPhone 5 series to the latest iPhone 14.

You can track your orders and shipment details by clicking the order status check bar. For ease of customers, Gadgetparts has developed and rolled out an app for its customers.

JS Tech.C:\Users\umarshah\Desktop\tasks\zameer whatsapp\Fixo\2020-11-28.jpg

They have been the premium mobile phone, tablet & laptop parts & accessory supplier in Australia since 2009. The main goal of JS Tech is to provide high-quality replacement parts and accessories at affordable prices. They guarantee secure shipping, fast delivery, easy order placements, easy and reliable replacement and refunds, and the best after-sales services throughout Australia.

Covering a wide range of Apple products from iPhones, MacBooks, iWatches, and iPads, JS tech ensures and provides a wide range of replacement stock of various models in demand. To enjoy the sale and purchase high-quality products.

FMA Parts

They provide a wide range of quality accessories, replacement parts, and repair tools. They focus on both customers and businesses covering the whole Aussie land. Their warehouse is located in Sydney.

FMA Parts claims that their replacement parts are tested and 100 % working. They believe in the quality and compatibility of replacement parts at reasonable prices. They provide a variety of quality grades of replacement parts, including OEM, Semi OEM, refurbished, and aftermarket.

FMA offers competitive pricing and provides much more affordable options for repair than replacing your entire device. A wide variety of products listed can be viewed on their website.

They have a professional web team dealing with order processing and dispatching, customer care services, and stock management.

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It is also considered a leading replacement parts supplier in Australia. Providing services since 2011, Fonelink is supplying top-notch spare and replacement parts for iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.

The mission of Fonelink is to provide high-quality, premium, and reliable products at discounted prices in the quickest time possible. They provide top-quality accessories and spare parts under retail-ready packaging.

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Fonelink desires to provide high customer satisfaction and believes in quality over quantity. Their latest deals and discounts can be explored on their website.

Down Under Tech: Locating Top-notch iPhone Component Distributors in Australia

In the vast landscape of iPhone repairs and replacements, finding reliable iPhone Parts Suppliers in Australia can be a game-changer for tech enthusiasts and repair professionals. Picture this: you’re in the heart of Sydney, grappling with a malfunctioning iPhone, and the quest for genuine parts takes you to the doorstep of specialized suppliers scattered across the continent.

These Aussie wizards of circuitry are more than mere suppliers; they’re the tech realm Down Under custodians. From Melbourne’s bustling tech hubs to the serene outskirts of Perth, these iPhone Parts Suppliers in Australia bring forth a treasure trove of components. It’s like a journey through the Great Barrier Reef, but instead of vibrant corals, you encounter connectors, screens, and batteries tailored for your beloved iPhone.

Imagine the satisfaction of sourcing top-notch components from these Down Under suppliers, turning your iPhone woe into a tech triumph. The network of iPhone Parts Suppliers in Australia isn’t just about transactions; it’s a narrative woven with the threads of reliability and quality, making your quest for the perfect iPhone part a truly Aussie adventure.


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Aussie Circuitry: Unveiling Exclusive Sources for iPhone Parts Down Under

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the exciting realm of Aussie circuitry, where we’ll unravel the mystery behind sourcing exclusive iPhone parts Down Under. Australia, often known for its stunning landscapes and kangaroos, is also home to top-notch suppliers for all your iPhone component needs.

Picture this: you’re looking for unique and high-quality iPhone parts, and you want to tap into the Aussie circuitry scene. Well, you’re in for a treat! Our journey begins by exploring the vibrant tech markets from Sydney to Perth, uncovering hidden gems that cater to the demands of the discerning iPhone user.

Imagine strolling through the tech hubs of Melbourne, stumbling upon specialized suppliers with an array of boomerang boards and innovative connectors. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill components – we’re talking about exclusive sources that add a distinctive touch to your iPhone repair or upgrade.

In this tech-savvy adventure, references are key. Picture yourself chatting with fellow gadget enthusiasts and being the go-to person with insights on where to score the best iPhone parts. It’s not just about the tech; it’s about the experience of navigating the great expanse of Australian circuitry and finding those rare, sought-after components.

As we venture into the outback of iPhone parts supply, we’ll guide you through the intricacies of sourcing from the Great Barrier Tech – unveiling the unique suppliers that contribute to the diverse landscape of Aussie circuitry. Get ready to embrace the G’day gadgets spirit as we journey to discover exclusive sources for iPhone parts Down Under.

Revelation Down South: Where to Source iPhone Parts in Australia

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! If you’re hunting for iPhone parts in Down Under, prepare for a revelation. We’re diving into the vibrant world of Australian iPhone component suppliers, unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities for your gadget needs.

Australia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife, also holds a special place in the tech realm. When sourcing iPhone parts, the Revelation Down South unfolds, guiding you through a maze of options. Picture this: from the bustling streets of Sydney to the laid-back vibes of Perth, there’s a network of suppliers catering to your iPhone’s every need.

One standout player in this revelation is TechHub Australia. Renowned for their diverse inventory, they’ve become a go-to for DIY enthusiasts and repair professionals. The Revelation Down South doesn’t stop there – journey into the digital realm with eParts Haven, an online haven for genuine iPhone components, ensuring quality and authenticity with every purchase.

Curious about the Outback Overture? Look no further than OzGizmo Supplies. They bring a unique flair to the iPhone parts scene, offering not only reliability but also a touch of Aussie innovation. The Great Barrier Tech isn’t just a natural wonder; it’s also the gateway to AussieCircuits Ltd, where cutting-edge components meet top-notch service.

In this tech-savvy expedition, Melbourne Modules beckon, showcasing the quirkiest and most specialized iPhone parts. TechTide Down Under adds another layer to the revelation, ensuring a tidal wave of options for the discerning iPhone user.

So there you have it – a Revelation Down South, unlocking the secrets to sourcing iPhone parts in Australia. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or the vast outback, the iPhone component landscape in Australia is as diverse and unique as the continent itself. Happy exploring!

Outback Overture: Pinpointing Uncommon iPhone Component Distributors in Australia

In the vast expanse of the Australian outback, where kangaroos roam and eucalyptus trees stretch to the horizon, a unique symphony of technology is playing out. “Outback Overture: Pinpointing Uncommon iPhone Component Distributors in Australia” is your backstage pass to the hidden world of iPhone parts sourcing down under.

Australia, known for its iconic landscapes and vibrant cities, is also home to a network of unconventional iPhone component suppliers. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the laid-back vibes of Perth, the search for these distinctive distributors takes us on a journey through the diverse Australian tech scene.

Picture this: You’re in the heart of Melbourne, surrounded by coffee shops and street art, but hidden within the cityscape are specialized suppliers dealing in rare iPhone components. These are the unsung heroes of the tech supply chain, operating in the shadows of the mainstream market.

Why venture off the beaten path? These uncommon distributors often offer a level of personalization and expertise that larger suppliers may lack. It’s like having a tech-savvy mate who knows the ins and outs of your iPhone’s circuitry.

To embark on this outback odyssey, consider reaching out to local tech communities and forums. The bush telegraph of the digital age, these networks hold the key to unlocking the secrets of where to find the most unique iPhone parts in Australia.

So, whether you’re in Brisbane or Adelaide, the Outback Overture is your guide to navigating the tech landscape in Australia, uncovering the hidden gems that keep your iPhone humming with that distinct Aussie flair. Buckle up, mate – the tech adventure down under awaits!

Melbourne Modules: Mapping Out the Quirkiest iPhone Parts Suppliers

Embarking on a quest for iPhone parts in Australia? Look no further than the vibrant city of Melbourne, where a kaleidoscope of suppliers awaits, each with its unique flair in the tech realm. Picture this: Melbourne Modules, the beating heart of quirky iPhone components. These suppliers, scattered across the city’s tech-savvy landscape, bring a distinctive flavor to the table, ensuring your repair or upgrade venture is nothing short of extraordinary.

Navigate the bustling streets of Melbourne, and you’ll encounter a diverse array of suppliers, each contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for avant-garde iPhone modules. From eccentric connectors to out-of-the-box circuitry, these Melbourne-based suppliers have carved a niche for themselves in the tech market. It’s a journey through innovation, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

So, whether you’re strolling along the Yarra River or exploring the iconic laneways, keep an eye out for Melbourne Modules, mapping out a trail of the quirkiest iPhone parts suppliers Down Under. Your tech adventure in the city is bound to be as unique as the suppliers themselves, offering a blend of functionality and eccentricity that sets Melbourne apart in the world of iPhone repairs.


Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone today. Your school, work, home, and relations are now bound to your pocket device. May it be an iPhone or any other smartphone. It should work properly so you are on time and current regarding your business. For that, a proper working smartphone is a must for everyone.

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