Ash Catcher vs. Percolators: A Detailed Guide on the Differences 

In the world of smoking accessories, ash catchers and percolators are widely used. Adding these accessories can enhance your overall smoking experience. 

These smoking accessories have numerous benefits for smokers, and you can choose them based on your preferences. 

You can read through this article for a detailed guide on the differences between ash catchers and percolator bongs for all your smoking needs. 

Understanding Ash Catchers 

An ash catcher on the bong prevents ashes, burned material, resin, and debris from entering the main chamber. 
A double-jointed glass barrier works as an additional filtering chamber for clean, smooth smoking. Ash catchers don’t come with bongs, so you must buy one that suits your needs. 


Types of Ash Catchers 

You must know the various kinds of ash catchers before you make a decision. The common types of ash catchers that are available are as follows –

Water Ash Catchers 

Water ash catchers use water for the filtration process to prevent any impurities in the water – resin, debris, or dust. It also cools down the smoke that passes through for smoother hits.

Waterless Ash Catchers

Waterless ash catchers are also known as dry catchers. As the name suggests, it works without the use of water. In this case, chambers and diffusers are used to do the job.

Benefits of Using Ash Catchers 

The following are some of the benefits of using ash catchers –

Improves Filtration

An ash catcher for a bong is known for its capacity to offer enhanced filtration. The extra compartment of the ash catcher is capable of trapping dust, debris, and other particles from contaminating the water in the main chamber.

The smoker that reaches your lungs is filtered and much cleaner. This leads to a better and smoother smoking experience that you can enjoy. 


An ash catcher is a cost-effective option for your smoking habits. They are efficient in capturing the dust, debris, and dust from entering the main chamber, which prolongs the service life of the bong.

This lessens the amount of blockages and the cleaning required and also causes less damage to your bong. It minimizes repair costs in the long run. 

Understanding Percolators

A percolator, or perc, is one of the components used for bongs to process and cool the smoke down and also offers an added layer of filtration. The smoke comes in contact with water, which cools it down. 

The internal device breaks down the smoke into smaller bubbles and diffuses the smoke for a cooler and smoother smoking experience you can enjoy. This smoking accessory ensures that you don’t inhale harsh smoke that can trigger coughs. 

Types of Percolators

It’s necessary to know the various kinds of percolator bongs before you make a decision. The common types of percolators that are available are as follows –

Honeycomb Percolator 

A honeycomb percolator resembles the intricate shape and design of honeycombs. There are small holes in the honeycomb percolator that filter the smoke with the filtration system. They come with smaller designs and are quite easy to use with your bongs. You can easily stack two or more percs on top of each other for better filtration. 

Tree Percolator 

As the name suggests, tree percolators have multiple arms like the branches of a tree. This helps diffuse the smoke efficiently with the vertical branch-like structures. There are slits in this type of percolator that create bubbles for better diffusion of the smoke. 

Showerhead Percolator 

Showerhead percolators are the most common types of percolator bongs that are used. The ones commonly used are different variations of this type. As the name suggests, the percolator has tiny holes in different sizes. This also improves the bubbling process and filters the smoke efficiently.

Benefits of Using Percolators 

The following are some of the benefits of using percolators –

Provides Extra Filtration

Using percolator bongs allows for extra filtration of the smoke. This allows for smoother and cleaner smoking hits. 

It also ensures that you don’t burn or scratch the back of your throat and makes it much easier on the throat. 

Lessens Toxins

The filtration system of the percolator also takes away some of the nasty toxins. These toxins are harmful when you smoke them, so the filtering process lessens the toxins that get into your body.

The percolator bongs collect the resin and debris and create a seamless and cooler smoking experience for you. 

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Combining Ash Catchers and Percolators

Add ash catchers and percolators to your bong to improve smoking. They add filtration and diffusion and are simple to maintain.
The ash catchers filter smoke to remove resin, particles, and toxins that impair the experience. Percolators effectively distribute smoke by breaking it down into tiny bubbles.
The two smoking accessories work together to trap resin, dust, and debris and chill the smoke to a smooth consistency.
The ash collectors and percolators improve the smoking experience here. It enhances the filtration and diffusion abilities for a better overall experience. 

Some common types that include both the tools for better efficiency are as follows – 

  • Honeycomb Percolator Ash Catchers  
  • Tree Perc Ash Catchers
  • Showerhead Ash Catchers 


The awareness of the differences between an ash catcher and a percolator bong is necessary. An ash catcher prevents debris from ending in the water, while a percolator cools down the smoke. 

If you’re looking for a simple smoking accessory to use, an ash catcher for bong is a great option. Whereas, for smoother and cleaner-tasting smoking hits, you can opt for percolators. 

Finally, the decision comes down to what you’re particularly looking for. You can consider the differences between the two smoking accessories and choose one based on your preferences and smoking habits. Another option is to incorporate both the accessories for an enhanced smoking experience.

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