Adorable Designs of Summer Men Chappal

Chappal is a simple type of footwear that is used by everyone in daily routine, especially inside the home. Almost every brand makes latest and new varieties of chappal for all seasons. The qualities and prices vary based on the manufacturing material and labor costs as well. In this context, Servis has been serving its customer for last six decades. Now, it has fully experienced to make shoes for men. Therefore, it is always on the top list for buying footwear of any type. 

Firstly have a brief look on its description:

Adorable Design is made of soft leather and rubber. It has flat sole with zigzag strap or T –Straps or some shapes. It has soft padded inner sole for diabetes patient and keep feet cool. Adorable Design maintains the balance of feet and gives protection in watery or muddy places. It is commonly used in Pakistan and other countries as well. In west, people use in beach side as comfort footwear for sun bath. It can easily use in water and without the fear of losing strap.

How Chappal is useful in summer:

In hot days, almost everyone wants to wear such footwear that gives air and keep away from sweating. Men prefer to wear such chappal because they have to go outside. Therefore, chappal is a simple or cozy in such situation. It is lightweight structure. Good ones are those that keep dry throughout the day. It maintains the balance while wearing in slippery place. Whenever men want to buy a good chappal for daily use, the first shop comes in mind is Servis. The reason is it provides every type of men slippers and women or even for children with reasonable prices.  

Adorable Collection of Summer Men’s Chappal:

Servis has a number of collections of Men Chappal that satisfy its customer. Here are some varieties of Chappal available in store at all time or online: 

Flip Flop Design:

The first and most demanding type of Chappal is Flip-Flop Style. After hectic or hard day, when men come to home, they first change the shoe and feel easy after wearing open Chappal. It does not wear at home but it may be used at beech side.  This type of chappal has breathtaking design that shows it is especially wear in hot summer days.

The amazing style flip flop chappal can also wear outside the home when go to the market or walking in corridor while enjoying tea alone or partner. Servis offers stylish flip flop chappal for men with colorful strap style and non-slippery sole.

Kolhapuri Style chappal:

It is another style of Chappal made by Servis. Adorable Design looks elegant wearing under Shalwar Kamez. It is made of leather with a soft inner sole having multiple colors such as brownish shade, blackish, grayish or even in reddish brown shade. It gives a traditional look and men can wear it at home or even on traditional occasions, especially mehndi functions in Pakistani culture. 

Adorable Design is a good sandal on summer days when everyone wants to keep his feet dry and cool. The other important feature of this chappal, it is long lasting and easy to wear and available all time in stores and online.

Crocs-Style Chappal:

As we discuss, Chappal is used in homes or as informal footwear therefore, it is designed accordingly. This clog shaped Chappal is mostly used inside the house or especially kept outside the washrooms. It has a non-slippery sole because it is used during bath time. Crocs-Style Chappal is made of Nitrile rubber that keeps the feet hydrated and oil and sweating free. It is comfortable and soft to wear at home during cleaning or even when some guests have come due to its elegant style.

It can also be used on the carpet floor. The material is used in the inner sole is made of terry like material that is easy to clean or also keeps feet cool as compared to other material used by local companies.  

Slip-on Style:

Adorable Design is another chappal design that is made by Servis. It is also a best option during hot summer days because it only cover the upper side of feet, fingers and ankle are open. Slip-on Style is easy to wear and men use inside or outside doors whenever going to market or meet their friends at door.

It is available in attractive or matte colors. Some slip on chappal has thick outer sole while some has flat sole but both of them are comfortable and soft. The best quality of this design is that it can be worn in both summer and winter days with socks. it is easily adjustable in all types of feet.


To sum up all above discussion about summer chappal for men, it is derived that Servis is popular one in the Pakistan market that supplies it customer all types of chappal. It manufactures chappal with refine quality leather and rubber that keeps feet healthy and safe in hot days. Men feel relaxed after wearing their sandals because the material used in it is very comfy and soft.

These chappals are waterproof and convenient for men, therefore, they wear while using cars, walking with dog, outside for walking distance or when they watering their plants in the garden. Servis never compromises the quality of its chappal or prices. It always tries to give its best to its customers. 

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