Active & Intelligent Packaging with Electronic Shelf Labels

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, the integration of advanced technologies. It has become pivotal in enhancing customer experiences, optimizing operations, and ensuring product safety. Two key innovations driving this transformation are Active & Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

Active & Intelligent Packaging:

According to SNS Insider Research, “Active & Intelligent Packaging Market Size was USD 25.3 billion. It will reach USD 50.04 billion by 2030 and growing at a CAGR of 8.9 % by 2023 to 2030”. Active packaging refers to packaging systems that actively interact with the product or the environment, providing functionalities beyond containment and protection.

Intelligent Packaging integrates tech to collect, process, and share product data, enhancing condition, history, and location.

The synergy between these two concepts results in packaging that goes beyond traditional roles. For example, active and intelligent packaging can monitor and control factors such as temperature, humidity, and freshness, extending the shelf life of perishable goods. It can also offer anti-counterfeiting features. Ensuring the authenticity of products, and enabling interactive experiences for consumers through augmented reality or QR code-based engagement.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are digital display systems used in retail environments to replace traditional paper price tags. These labels are typically connected to a central management system, allowing real-time updates of product information, prices, and promotions. ESLs streamline pricing processes, reduce human errors, and provide retailers with the agility to adjust prices dynamically.

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Integration of ESL with Active & Intelligent Packaging:

The convergence of ESL with A&IP introduces a new dimension to retail operations. By connecting ESLs to the active and intelligent features embedded in packaging, retailers can create a seamless and dynamic environment that benefits both consumers and businesses.

ESLs, linked to the central management system. It can instantly reflect changes in product prices or promotions triggered by active packaging sensors. For instance, a product with a nearing expiration date can automatically trigger a discount on the ESL to optimize sales.

Intelligent Packaging ability to provide detailed information about a product’s journey, combined with ESLs. Allows consumers to access this information instantly. Scanning a QR code on the ESL can provide insights into the product’s origin, manufacturing date, and transportation details.

Active and intelligent features in packaging, when synchronized with ESLs. Enable interactive consumer experiences. Scan ESLs with smartphones for instant access to product details like nutrition, allergens, and usage instructions.

ESLs, integrated with active packaging sensors, can provide real-time data on inventory levels. This enables retailers to optimize restocking processes and reduce waste. Ensure that products with shorter shelf lives are prioritized.


The interconnectedness of Active and intelligent Packaging with Electronic Shelf Labels is reshaping the retail landscape. This collaboration enhances the efficiency of pricing strategies, improves traceability, fosters interactive consumer engagement, and optimizes inventory management.

As technology evolves, A&IP and ESL synergy transforms retail, offering responsive, informative, and dynamic experiences for all.

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