A Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Purchasing Tesla Shares

Look into Tesla shares stocks and begin trading by choosing a good platform, creating an account, confirming your credit card details, looking up the stock code on the site, and doing a comprehensive examination. 

You may buy your stocks by placing a market order or establishing a limit for the number of shares you want to buy, and the platform ought to offer the most recent data accessible. For new investors, this is a simple and effective method.

Why Invest in Tesla?

In the first quarter of 2023, Tesla’s market share in the US EV market climbed from 59.3% to 62.4%. And they still have unstoppable momentum. With ambitions to expand and invest heavily, Tesla is developing “alpha versions” of the Cybertruck to be produced at its facility in Austin, Texas. In Q3 2023, deliveries are anticipated to begin.

This demonstrates unequivocally how well-liked Tesla electric vehicles are becoming among American buyers. Whether or if other manufacturers can match Tesla’s success in the foreseeable future is still to be seen.

Why own shares?

Consider your reasons for choosing between purchasing stock in a firm. Does the business have excellent prospects going forward, and may its share price continue to rise.

Or are talks about an acquisition imminent, which would raise the share price of a company Perhaps the firm you’ve selected is on a mission of recovery, and the price of its shares is beginning to rise from earlier lows.

How to buy Tesla shares

Once you are comfortable with the rationale behind your decision to purchase shares in a specific firm, there are a few things you need to do.

1) Create an account

If you wish to purchase shares in Tesla, you must create an account with a registered brokerage, regardless of your level of experience with stock market transactions.

These days, DIY investors have access to various services in the competitive stockbroking industry, from quick investment trading applications that operate on your smartphone or tablet to online investing platforms managed by some of the largest brands in financial services.

Keep the following in mind before creating an account:

• Remain focused on your long-term financial objectives;

• Be ready to weather market fluctuations.

How to sell Tesla shares

One day you’ll want to sell your holdings if you’re happy with how your shares are performing and would like to make a profit. To accomplish this, sign in to your investment platform, enter the ticker symbol, and choose how much you wish to sell.

Remember that when the time comes to sell your assets and you’ve earned a sizable profit, you could have to pay capital gains tax (CGT), particularly if you held your shares outside of an ISA or another tax-exempt wrapper.

For the tax year 2023–2024, the CGT tax-free limit is £6,000, a substantial decrease from the £12,300 permitted in the prior tax year. Keep in mind that the amount will soon drop once again to £3,000.

What is the price to purchase one Tesla share?

• The share price at which Tesla is trading as well as the transaction costs determine how much it will cost to purchase one share of the company. Your brokerage business charges you this, which is known as a commission.

• Tesla’s share price was about $180 as of the beginning of February 2023. In the preceding twelve months, the share price fluctuated between $101 and $384. Tesla stock prices as of right now may be seen through your internet broker.

• See the precise cost of purchasing Tesla shares at the current price at each broker, including commission, by using our Stock Fee Calculator. Many commission-free brokers are also available; they will be noted and highlighted.


It’s crucial to consider other factors outside the present price when choosing whether or not to purchase Tesla shares. Additionally, think about whether investing in Tesla fits with your objectives and level of risk tolerance. In the end, it comes down to your investment style.

Are you looking to get cash dividends as a passive source of income.If so, it’s important to remember that Tesla does not currently pay dividends and does not have any imminent intentions to start doing so.It’s crucial to determine how much danger you can take. Remember that stocks may be erratic, especially in some industries.For instance, despite its notable success, Tesla is seen as being overpriced. This implies that a large decline in stock values is possible.


Leading EV manufacturer Tesla saw a substantial rise in its market share in the US EV industry in Q1 2023, going from 59.3% to 62.4%. Additionally, the business is working on “alpha versions” of the Cybertruck, which should be delivered in Q3 2023. Investors must open an account with a recognized brokerage to purchase Tesla shares, so they must make sure they are ready to withstand market swings and stay focused on their long-term financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying a dividend, does Tesla?

A firm will typically pay its shareholders a dividend every half year, usually in the form of cash. The earnings for that year are often used to cover payments. Companies may decide to pay a dividend for a variety of reasons, such as to show support for their financial backer or to encourage shareholders to keep holding shares, even if they are not required to.

Can a debit card be used to purchase Tesla stock?

Yes, in the sense that before you could trade shares from there, you would have to finance an existing online investment service or trading app using an authorized credit card.

What is the price of trading Tesla stock?

Depending on the trading platform or investment service that the investor uses, this will change. In general, there are three categories of fees. First, each time an investor buys or sells shares, a platform charges a share trading fee. It should be noted that although many platforms do not charge for this activity, others could withhold a fixed price, usually ranging from £6 to £12.

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