9 Jobs You Can Get With a Degree In Human Services

Starting a career in the field of human services? The first and most important step is choosing the right educational path. Securing a degree in human services can be your ticket to a range of jobs focused on aiding individuals and communities.

There are numerous roles available, allowing you to find the one that matches your personal interests and skills seamlessly. This piece discusses nine unique job prospects that await you with a human services degree.

Case Manager

A case manager has an important job in the field of human services. They work closely with people who need help. They aim to understand each person’s unique needs and find the right services to support them.

This can include finding medical care, housing, or counseling services. They help people who are struggling with domestic violence, physical disabilities, or are homeless. It is a role that needs a person to be understanding, organized, and ready to help others.

Having advanced skills is a big benefit to do well in this job. Earning a higher degree can give you these skills. It can help you be a professional who makes a difference in people’s lives. Moreover, education has become more flexible nowadays.

An online education platform allows you to pursue a human services online associate degree from the comfort of your home. It is a step that showcases your commitment to learning and serving the community with enhanced expertise.

Substance Abuse Counselor

A substance abuse counselor assists individuals struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. This role is critical as addiction can severely disrupt a person’s life. The counselor strives to understand the individual’s challenges and devises a strategy to help them recover.

They provide support throughout the recovery process. One needs to be patient and compassionate and have a solid understanding of addiction treatment methods to succeed in this position.

Counselors play a vital role in guiding individuals to regain healthy lives, working in varied settings such as hospitals, rehab centers, or private clinics.

Community Service Manager

A community service manager oversees and coordinates programs aimed at improving the community. They ensure community projects progress smoothly and reach successful outcomes. Their role might encompass devising plans to enhance local housing, education, or health services.

The role demands good teamwork and planning skills. Collaborating closely with community leaders and team members is a significant part of the job, seeking the most effective ways to uplift the community.

Taking on this role is fulfilling as it allows you to witness the positive changes your efforts bring to your local area. It’s an ideal job for those with a heartfelt desire to improve their surroundings and assist others.

Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor helps people with disabilities lead more independent lives. They support individuals facing physical, mental, or emotional hurdles, aiding them in acquiring skills and finding resources to be self-sufficient and secure employment.

With proper training, these counselors deeply comprehend their clients’ needs. They guide them in establishing realistic goals and advancing slowly to fulfill them.

Collaborating with other experts like doctors or therapists might be a part of their role to guarantee individuals receive comprehensive support. Essentially, this job is centered around empowering people to live the fullest life possible with the right tools and support.

School Counselor

A school counselor plays a crucial role in schools, assisting students with various challenges, from academic difficulties to personal issues at home. They confer with students, providing guidance and support to navigate these problems effectively.

As a school counselor, being attentive and helpful is essential. Collaborating with teachers and parents is part of their duty to ensure students receive the necessary support. They might assist in selecting appropriate courses or future planning, serving as a reliable pillar in students’ lives. This role is about fostering a nurturing environment where every student feels seen and supported.

Social Worker

Social workers are there for people during tough times, offering guidance and support. They work in places like schools and hospitals, helping others find practical solutions to their problems. Through careful listening, they understand individual needs and help find resources such as safe housing or financial aid.

They are more than advisors; they are trustworthy friends dedicated to improving lives. Their work is all about empathy and being there for others, showing genuine concern, and bringing about positive changes in people’s circumstances.

Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors are there to aid people facing mental health issues, working closely to understand their feelings and find solutions. They use therapy sessions to teach new coping skills and foster open discussion.

Working in places like clinics and schools, they help with problems such as anxiety and depression. Their main goal is to promote mental well-being, guiding people toward recovery through understanding and various supportive methods. They are steadfast allies in the journey towards mental health recovery.

Probation Officer

A probation officer works with people who have had legal problems, possibly serving probation instead of or after jail time. Their main job is to make sure they follow the rules set by the court. Duties may include:

  • Making sure they have a job.
  • Keeping them away from certain places.
  • Making them go to counseling.

They meet with them regularly to check their progress, helping them stay on a lawful path and avoid more trouble. This role is important in helping people get back into society successfully, offering a structured environment that supports personal growth and legal obedience.

Geriatric Manager

A geriatric manager, or aging life care manager, is focused on helping older adults and their families deal with the challenges of aging.

They work with different service providers, such as healthcare teams, to ensure proper care for the elderly, helping with daily tasks like scheduling medical visits and finding safe housing. A key part of this role is representing the older person, ensuring their wishes and needs are considered in all planning.

Working closely with family members, the manager gives vital guidance and help. This position is about making the aging process comfortable and respectful, managing various aspects to keep the quality of life, and honoring the choices of the elderly person.


A degree in human services paves the way for many rewarding careers. Each role we discussed is central to improving both individual lives and communities. Whether it’s guiding students, caring for the elderly, or helping people rebuild their lives, there’s a job to match every passion in this field.

A career in human services promises a path teeming with chances to assist and elevate others every day. It’s a choice for a future filled with personal growth and daily satisfaction, where your work can genuinely make a difference.

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