9 Important Software for Musicians Must Know About it

Musicians have a lot on their plate. From planning events, finding the right storage solutions for their musicals, and creating marketing plans to making cover art, processes can go awry without software solutions. Business management tools like receipt makers that offer musician invoice templates, scheduling and automation tools, and social media management solutions are necessary. 

If you are just starting out or a pro, you will need to compete with creators online and you cannot waste your precious time managing all project aspects. These tools will not only simplify your finances but will also let you automate your workflows. Thus letting you save on money and time.

1. Moon Invoice

One of the best receipt makers and accounting solutions, Moon Invoice, is a must-have for musicians. Quote generation, time tracking, and customized invoicing are just a few functionalities the solution offers. Moreover, you can leverage 66+ musician invoice templates, get payments faster, and send out credit notes, all with a few clicks.

With Moon Invoice by your side, you can say goodbye to all issues that come with accounting workflows.


  • Bronze Plan- 5.47 USD/Month
  • Silver Plan- 6.83 USD/Month
  • Gold Plan-  10.25 USD/Month


If you are still sharing audio files on Google Drive, SoundCloud, or DropBox, then you are missing out on a lot. DISCO has become the new standard for sharing your hard work with music supervisors. DISCO enjoys the trust of 1000+ musicians and is used extensively to organize libraries.

You can easily create playlists, get access to stored contacts, publish information, and let go of the need to have multiple documents for each track. The only disadvantage of using this tool is that it doesn’t feature for creating invoices for musicians.


  • Lite- 10 USD/month
  • Plus- 15 USD/month
  • Pro- 25 USD/month

3. DocuSign

A well-known e-signature company, DocuSign lets you upload documents in bulk and sign them. Make sure you have written agreements in place before you start working. This will ensure you get paid timely and know your scope of work beforehand.

Admin privileges, royalty breakups, and other things need to be streamlined beforehand. For the same, you can use Google Docs to draft agreements and let the other parties sign them digitally and that will act as a legally binding agreement. Last but not least, you can create signatures for invoice for musicians with ease.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Personal- 15 USD/month
  • Standard- 45 USD/month
  • Business Pro- 65 USD/month

4. Box

Claimed to be the best cloud storage solutions in the market, Box lets you keep all your files in one location. Thus making it easier for your team members to collaborate and get access to information seamlessly. It lets you easily upload all file types, collaborate on documents, and back up your files. It is ideal for musicians who are just starting.


  • Free for single users
  • Personal Pro- 14 USD/month
  • Business Plan- 20- 47 USD/month

5. Gumroad

If you have a digital product, Gumroad is the place to sell. The modern customer wants quality products and instant access. Gumroad lets you cater to that emotion and build multiple streams of income.

You can easily sell products like sheet music, a new single, top 10 lists, and much more on Gumroad. You can build a strong revenue stream if you manage to entice audiences.



6. MasterClass

A course bonanza awaits you with MasterClass! With courses from popular musicians, including Danny Elfman and Alicia Keys, you can upskill like never before with MasterClass. You also get access to filmmaking, cooking, and sports courses.

Continued education is the need of modern times. The industry is growing at an alarming speed and new technologies are being introduced. Thus, a must-have solution for solopreneurs and enterprises, MasterClass will help you gain a cutting-edge over your competitors.


  • Basic- 15 USD/month
  • Duo-20 USD/ month
  • Family- 23 USD/month

7. Splice

With sample libraries, integrations with digital audio workstations, and plug-ins, Splice lets you easily create music and collaborate. You can backup projects for free and keep all files in check. If you are willing to shell out some money, you can invest in their paid plans to access online events and much more.


  • Sounds- 14.99 USD/month
  • Creator- 19.99 USD/month
  • Creator +– 39.99 USD/month

8. Hunter.io

If you need verified email addresses, Hunter.io is here to help you. Not only can it get you the right contact information, but it can also help you improve your outreach game. As a musician, you need to contact multiple publishing companies; building contacts can be difficult.

Unless you have a sound social media presence, getting leads can be tough. Also, even if you find out addresses, you cannot be sure if the emails are correct. Hunter uses various techniques to verify email addresses and provide you with the best quality of inputs. While the tool is amazingly helpful, it can burn a hole in your pocket if you are on a budget.


  • Free Plan– 25 monthly searches and 50 monthly verifications
  • Starter Plan- 49 USD/month
  • Growth- 99 USD/month
  • Pro- 199 USD/month
  • Business- 399 USD/month

9. Clubhouse

Clubhouse rose to fame in 2020. At first, this social audio platform was invite-only, but now is open to all iOS and Android users. You can easily connect with music professionals, give live performances, and participate in important conversations- all on Clubhouse. Moreover, Clubhouse is home to multiple high-profile experts and is a great place to follow people you wish to learn from.



Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the best musician invoice templates, receipt makers, and project management tools, you can easily pick one. Smooth workflows, satisfied customers, and happy employees await you!

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