8 Strategies to Win Over Gen Z in the Restaurant Business

Gen Z spends less time at restaurants than previous generations and prefers to cook at home rather than go out. So, how can you attract the next generation? We’ll talk about who Gen Z is and why some of these new tendencies have emerged in this definitive guide. In addition, we’ll discuss how your restaurant may successfully market to and hire Gen Z.

Who is Gen Z?

First, it’s critical to grasp Generation Z’s demographics. When it comes to food service, Gen Zers have distinct preferences, which are mostly influenced by their lifestyle choices. Continue reading to find out how old Gen Z is and what their qualities are.

How to market to Gen Z 

Depending on your restaurant idea, you may want to adopt a marketing approach that targets Generation Z. Here are some of Gen Z’s favourite eateries, as well as how you may promote them using the same tactics.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Generation Z spends numerous hours on their cellphones watching their peers propose items, recipes, and restaurants to them. Authenticity appeals to this generation. They’d prefer to read evaluations on social media platforms from people they know rather than from traditional commercial or paid marketing. Organic marketing is usually the best bet when it comes to Generation Z.

Influencer marketing does not require you to employ a famous person to promote your restaurant. Instead, you can reach out to the Gen Zers in your area code through a micro-influencer (someone from your community). This doesn’t have to be expensive; simply offer free food in exchange for Instagram images or tales. Remember that a sponsored post about your brand is wonderful, but a sponsored post about one of your menu items is much better.

  1. Productization

Determine your “star” menu item and develop ways to market it to Generation Z. Consider adding popular and catchy names on your products. Having it named after a celebrity or something trendy catches the attention of a lot of Gen Z, boosting its popularity and sales.

  1. Instagram

We don’t blame you if you’re not interested in the realm of influencer marketing. However, it is critical to meet your Gen Z guests where they spend the majority of their time: on Instagram. You have more leeway to be humorous in your posts because Gen Z’s humour is typically unserious. They also enjoy competitions and freebies. Interact with your followers in the comments if you have the time – Gen Z appreciates active restaurant accounts.

  1. Drop culture

Your restaurant marketing strategy does not have to be meticulously planned. “Drop culture” has become second nature to Generation Z. Beyonce, for example, “dropped” an album with little warning and everyone loved it. Announcing anything on the day of thrills this generation; make use of this. To increase Gen Z foot traffic in your restaurant, decide on your “star” menu item and begin selling it as a product now. Social media marketing will be around for a long time, especially in this age. Your Gen Z guests are on social media, and you should be as well.

  1. Modern restaurant technology

Unlike baby boomers and Generation X, Generation Z is open to new technologies that improve speed and convenience. They are not opposed to self-ordering kiosks or mobile order and pay options. They prefer it. When you think about it, Gen Z is accustomed to receiving products, food, or anything else via a complex network. They order whatever they need on Amazon and don’t care how it arrives at their door. You can also consider offering virtual cooking classes in Canada that cater specifically to Gen Z’s interests in cooking at home

  1. Shareable

Gen Z not only buys but also wears and shares items. A green Starbucks cup was more of a streetwear accessory than a morning cup of coffee in the early 2000s. Your restaurant’s brand is important, and if they can publish images of it on social media, they will. Collaborate with restaurant contractors in Toronto who specialize in modern design. Gen Z appreciates visually appealing spaces that are Instagram-worthy. 

  1. Switch up your arm candy

The thought of something new and only available for a limited time appeals to the younger generations. Try presenting limited-time beverage specials or desserts in your restaurant to shake things up. When Gen Z sees these on Instagram, they are more likely to visit your restaurant, providing you the opportunity to turn them into a repeat customer.

  1. Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a prominent theme in the restaurant sector right now, even among Gen Z. This might incorporate punch cards, QR codes, app memberships, and more. Whatever you do, make sure you have a loyalty program in place to attract all clients, including Gen Z.

If you’re considering implementing security measures, researching reputable security guards in Toronto and possibly incorporating these aspects into your restaurant’s marketing or operational strategies can contribute positively to attracting both customers and employees.

Because Gen Z is eager to learn and progress in their professions, it’s also critical to provide opportunities for skill development and professional promotion. Additionally, solicit input regularly and include them in decision-making processes to ensure they feel heard and valued. You can build a more enjoyable and productive environment for Gen Z employees by establishing a pleasant work environment that resonates with their beliefs and needs.

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