5G private network: Do you need one for your business?

Globally, there will be up to 5.9 billion fifth-generation (5G) subscribers by 2027. This super technology is rapidly developing and gaining more and more supporters. The private network deserves special attention. If you are ready to evaluate its benefits, contact UCtel. This article will describe to you what the private network’s main pluses are and how to set up a 5g network

Imagine creating your powerful digital line, available only to your company. It’s called a private 5G network: custom-built, it’s blazing fast and ultra-secure.  

This network transmits information at a speed of 20 gigabits per second. Latency is less than 1 millisecond, which is ideal for real-time applications where every second matters. This network can handle millions traffic per square kilometer, ensuring seamless communication between everyone.

With a private network, you can grant your company privacy. And it’s critical whether you’re working with medical records, financial transactions, or sensitive projects.

Your employees will be able to complete tasks without being interrupted by network latency or risking data privacy. This is a game changer, allowing your company to remain competitive and achieve heights. 

What makes 5G private network special

5G is the new great global wireless standard after 4G.  You get full control over network resources and guaranteed stable, reliable, and high speeds for your devices and apps. The public one may be vulnerable to eavesdropping and interference. With a private network, you have greater access and safety control, thereby protecting sensitive data and transactions. Forget about one-size-fits-all solutions. Private networks allow you to develop and deploy apps tailored to your unique needs and workflows. And this undoubtedly increases efficiency and productivity.

5G private networks are built with scalability in mind. As your needs evolve, your network can adapt and grow with you to include new devices and advanced technologies. Traditional businesses in sectors such as healthcare, education and public transport are other potential beneficiaries of private 5G network deployments.  

Where 5G private network is used 

Fast, secure, and reliable connection is critical for companies and enterprises, and so on. Whatever you do, you can appreciate all the advantages of this network. Optimize communication, streamline production processes, and provide real-time data analytics across the factory floor.

Facilitate immersive learning experiences with VR/AR, connect devices across campuses, and support university research and development initiatives. Improve patient care with remote monitoring, medical equipment connectivity, and seamless access to patient data in hospitals, optimize logistics, ensure efficient cargo management, and improve the passenger comfort with high-speed airport connectivity.   

Large companies that promote the development and mass use of technological innovations always become pioneers in the introduction of new technologies. Take this step towards comfortable work using advanced technologies. 

Does your business really need a private network?

You need to create this network if you have mission-critical operations or apps that require guaranteed speeds and reliability, and if your industry prioritizes data safety and privacy. Consider it if you need one customized for your specific workflows and devices. These networks are designed to meet the unique needs of various companies. They provide faster speeds, reliability, etc.

Private networks are being used to automate manufacturing, remotely monitor and analyze real-time data, create immersive learning experiences, connect devices across campus and support university research and development, and more. In sports, private networks are being used to provide high-speed connectivity for spectators, players, and employees.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask the specialists from UCtel. 

How to set up a 5g private network

Setting up this network requires experience. It is more complex than setting up a basic home network. It is a process that requires significant knowledge. Here’s an action plan to get you started:

Define your goals, check your apps, and desired level of performance, estimate the number of users and devices, and consider the size and complexity of your building.

Be realistic about costs  

Determine network topology and base station distribution for optimal coverage and throughput. Implement strong security measures such as access control, encryption, and network segmentation. Check if any permits or approvals are required to install network equipment. 

Choose specialists to install the software

You need a team capable of regular software updates that ensure smooth operation and correct any possible errors. Private networks are deployed on a smaller scale than commercial networks, but ongoing testing of private networks must be conducted with the same rigor throughout the network’s lifecycle. Specialists will help solve any problems and answer any of your questions.

If you think, about how to set up a 5g private network easily, we recommend trusting professionals. UCtel specialists will do the setup themselves and make everything perfect. So you don’t have to think about these questions. 

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What is better: public or private

Evaluate the pros and cons of private and public networks and make a choice that will become the starting point for the further development of your company. You will agree that it is much easier to work without interference and communicate freely with each other. A private network is created specifically for your specific needs. It’s scalable, secure, and personalized to fit your organization’s unique rhythms. Don’t worry about information leakage; now, you will have uninterrupted communication tailored to your needs. This is very convenient; for example, if your business develops and scales, the company’s needs will change. A private network will satisfy your company, enterprise, or plant’s new needs.

So, if your company is looking for superior safety and personalized control, skip the public network and opt for a private one.  


 5G penetration in the world market will increase from 13 percent in 2022 to 64 percent in 2030. Private networks help maintain the privacy and confidentiality of files. Moreover, such a network unites employees of one organization and meets all the company’s needs. Businesses love the private network because of its secure, high-performance connection. To establish such a connection, contact specialists with extensive experience.

You will provide your employees with high-quality Internet and the ability to easily communicate with each other and conduct video broadcasts, which will inevitably affect the quality of work. Try it.

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