5 Ways Digital Marketing Agencies Help Market Law Firms 

Law firms have very specific needs when it comes to marketing. Most firms practice in only a select few areas of law and have ideal clients who need to be aware of them should they need legal assistance. Though their needs can be very specific, the solution to those needs is one that more and more businesses are gravitating toward digital marketing. Digital marketing targets customers and clients where they spend the majority of their time—online. 

Here is how to market a law firm with the help of digital marketing agencies

1. Market A Law Firm by Creating A Strong Online Presence 

A strong online presence, which includes a solid website, updated social media profiles, and frequent posting. It is important so target clients are aware of the law firm. A large number of five-star Google and Facebook reviews are also important and add to the overall reputation and reliability of the law firm. If the firm has top-of-mind awareness, ideal clients will immediately think of them when they or something they know needs legal services. 

2. Ensure They Are Easily Found Online 

In this day and age, most people find businesses they want to work with by searching for them online. Digital agencies know how to market a law firm by helping them appear at the top of Google searches by optimizing their online SEO, encouraging positive online reviews, and running Google ads. This is a vital part of a digital marketing strategy as it estimat that 75% of searchers will not scroll past the first page of search results. 

3. Give Value Through Social Media 

With frequent posting of useful, informative content, law firms can enhance their reputation as a resource for potential clients. Digital marketing agencies can create a posting schedule. It keeps law firms in front of their followers and solidifies their expertise. They also alert the firm’s internal team when questions ask so the firm can respond to requests quickly. 

4. Create A Content Marketing Strategy 

Content is king and the law firms that succeed are the ones who are creating engaging content. It keeps them at the top of search results and front and center in their ideal clients’ minds. Digital marketing agencies help firms create a content marketing strategy. It incorporates blogging, video, informative articles, and guides that resonate with their ideal clients and keep them relevant to Google. 

5. Target Ideal Clients 

The ideal clients for law firms can range from corporate entities to those who have just received a DUI to individuals who have injure. Digital marketing agencies can help firms reach these clients with targeted social media or Google ads so ad dollars direct to those the firm most wants to reach. 

Law firms need to maintain top-of-mind awareness. As well as have a solid reputation of integrity and success to continue to attract new clients and grow and digital marketing is a key component in this endeavor. If you need assistance with how to market a law firm, reach out to the experienced team at Marketing Powered. 

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