5 Tips on Understanding Style & Choosing the Perfect Size of Your Jeans

No color, cut, or style seems enough when shopping for jeans until you are broke or miss some extra pair of hands to hold your shopping bags. You can never reason with yourself why you need one from each rack even though you have no idea when you are going to wear them. However, investing your hard-earned money for something that might not fit you or accentuate your glamour is not wise.

So, it’s high time you stopped paying attention to whatever saleswoman is trying to push you into purchasing because it is Instagrammable and super trendy. Learn to select the right pair of jeans to enhance your beauty manifolds.

1. Boot cut jeans

There must have been times you have grieved the disproportionate nature of your body and wished on every god that you could find that you could get into a proper body shape where your upper body and lower body match perfectly into that hourglass structure. Well, apart from the fact that you are beautiful just the way you are, you also must know that it is not the body that needs to be reshaped but the clothes that need to be selected to do the trick.

If the upper part of the body is more comprehensive, it is essential to distract attention from it and take it somewhere where you take pride in your figure. You could always create the illusion of a tiny waist by wearing these mid-rise bootcut jeans types that would emphasize your curves.

2. Boyfriend jeans

As cute as the name sounds, nothing can be cuter if you complement your pear-shaped body with wide hips and small upper body with boyfriend jeans. A low-waist boyfriend type of jeans can easily camouflage your wide hips and take some of the attention away from your legs, as the snug fitting of the waist can make you feel relaxed if paired with a funky top.

Also, if you do not feel confident about your legs, which are not as slim as you expect them to be, there is no need to lament, dear, because thankfully, boyfriend jeans types usually do the trick. Most importantly, the concept of boyfriend jeans also sounds very romantic and resembles the idea of borrowing your partner’s loose-fitting slouchy jeans and carrying them with equal elan.

So, the next time you go for jeans shopping hellbent upon burning a hole down your pockets trying to get every single pair into your basket, make sure you get a pair of boyfriend types of jeans for yourself, but obviously, after checking whether the design is genuinely highlighting your curves or not.

3. Flared jeans

Self-love is essential for everyone, but how many times have you looked into the mirror, looking proudly at your perfect hourglass figure that God has crafted in his leisurely hours? If you have indeed been gifted with an hourglass figure, you can easily flaunt flared jeans by perfectly balancing both the upper and lower parts of the body. Flared jeans are available in both mid and high-rise designs, and you can select pairs based on how low you want your jeans to graze the floor!

After all, flared jeans have a very long look, giving the impression of long legs. It can also create a deceptive illusion of perfect slim legs even if you don’t have them. Flared jeans are your ultimate go-to style if you have a perfect height for your hourglass figure.

4. Skinny jeans

Although the word skinny sounds like partly body shaming, the innocent pair of jeans does not have anything to do with this outburst of narrow-mindedness. If you are running late for a date or a friend’s day out and you can find absolutely nothing to wear after hours of racking your brains and your wardrobe, you can always seek help from your best pal, the skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are a must-have for every wardrobe, as you can never go wrong with them, no matter which way you pair them.

Most notably, amongst all the other styles of jeans, skinny jeans are the only ones that complement every body shape and figure. These skinny jeans are incredibly stylish because they slim up near your ankle, making you confident and ready within minutes if you pair them with hot heels and any top you choose.

5. High waist jeans

Have you wondered why high-waist jeans were such a craze in the retro era? The women who wore these highways jeans back then looked so sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Style never dies and keeps coming back as new trends every alternative year. Likewise, high-waist jeans are also a trendy outfit that perfectly suits women with fragile body types. The way they accentuate the waist curves and the slim and long legs distract some of the attention from the thin body structure.

So, the next time you look into the mirror and start your resolution to put on some weight in the right places so that you can try out different styles and cuts of jeans, don’t forget to take that old pair of high-waist jeans out and it will permanently save your day!

Jeans are an iconic part of anybody’s wardrobe, and they can glam up any outfit or body type at all times. However, you must remember to get a conclusive idea of exactly what kind of body shape you have, which will help you select the right pair of jeans that will make you stand out in a crowd!

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