5 Advantages of Organic Herbal Tea

We are all aware of the benefits of drinking tea! Tea doesn’t keep us up at night, so we can have a late-night cup guilt-free. It’s like a hug in a mug. All the teas are herbal mixes made from 100% certified organic tea leaves because not all teas are made equal. Because organic tea is grown without using artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, it is toxic-free and, therefore, healthier for you, the environment, and the workers on tea plantations.

The state of your skin is a reflection of your internal well-being. With its abundance of vitamins and catechins that promote collagen formation, slow aging, and preserve healthy skin cells, tea is a hidden gem in natural skincare products. In addition, drinking tea naturally keeps you and your skin hydrated because it contains water.

1. Get that Glow

This tasty blend offers hydrated nutrients to support healthy, glowing, youthful skin, whereas caffeine depletes and strains your body! Puritea is vibrant yellow and tastes mellow and earthy with a hint of lemongrass. It is made entirely with organic turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, and cinnamon. Ginger offers anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-lowering qualities, while turmeric supports your liver’s natural cleansing processes, making your skin look clearer and brighter.

2. Unwind & Relax

Many of us struggle to turn off and relax before bed since we are always on the move. Fortunately, organic herbal tea with relaxing components can help with relaxation, and just that! Generositea is a rose-colored, mildly flavored blend of 100% organic lemongrass, peppermint, and hibiscus that promotes relaxation and detoxification. Its contents also function as a natural sedative, easing physical and mental tension.

3. Beat the Bloat

Our bodies are excellent at alerting us when anything is wrong with our digestion, so it’s never nice to have that uncomfortable, bloated feeling that makes you want to curl up on the sofa with some track pants! Your best strategy is to stay away from foods that make you feel bloated, but did you know that drinking tea can also help? Tea stimulates your bile duct, which improves digestion and keeps bloating from happening again. This helps relieve bloating.

4. Balance Hormones

Some women experience nothing at all from their monthly cycle; others end up with cramps, bloating, anxiety, and acne. However, there is assistance available because of the wonders of green tea, which can reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, and estrogen dominance, resulting in hormones that are happy!

5. Boosts immune system 

Even though there is currently no treatment for the typical cold or flu, hot tea has long been recognized to reduce symptoms. Teas with strong antioxidant contents, such as those containing ginger, lemon, cinnamon, hibiscus, and cayenne, are also known to improve immune system function and relieve symptoms of respiratory infections. 


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