3 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools in 2024

Welcome to the quality discussion about the features of the 3 best Plagiarism Checker Tools online! In this age of digital technology, preserving the integrity of content is crucial yet difficult, especially for students and content writers

The AI plagiarism checkers proved to be a great aid, as they prevent us from manually checking our writing and accidentally using other people’s content. 

In this article, I will elaborate on the top 3 AI tools that can effortlessly check your content for even a single copied sentence. Not only that, they also provide the source and link from which the text was copied. 


    Plagiarismchecker.ai is one of the most trusted, efficient, and affordable AI tools. It features vast online and offline databases to compare text and identify instances of similarity. 

    The tool will provide the user with the percentage of original, rewritten, and duplicate content by thoroughly checking the provided content. 

    To further facilitate the user’s work, the tool provides the source (e.g., a website, book, published research paper, etc.) from which the content was copied. 

    The tool is user-friendly and reliable and can detect the similarity index in written content (academic, web, etc.). 

    What makes Plagiarismchecker.ai a Preferred Option?  

    Plagiarism means taking someone else’s ideas and using or publishing them as one’s own. 

    The plagiarism checker has vast offline and online text databases to compare each provided word and sentence with the already published content and prepare a report. 

    In the form of a percentage, the report will clearly mention how much of the text is copied, original, and rewritten. 

    The tol earns its name and fame by its authenticity, affordability at the user level, and keen detection of even a single copied sentence. 

    Let’s perform a quick trial to show you how this incredible tool works:

    1. Sign in to the tool and paste or upload the content or file to be checked
    1. Click on the “Check Plagiarism” and download the report or check again


    The plagiarism checker offers 3 different pricing plans to facilitate the professionals and non-professionals. 

    Starter ($5/month)Professional ($10/month)Agency ($100/month)
    Best for students Best for writers Best for companies 
    10,000 words100,000 words1 Million 
    Deep plagiarism checkDeep plagiarism checkDeep plagiarism check
    Plagiarism report Plagiarism report Plagiarism report 
    No languages option No languages option Multiple languages 


    • Easiest to use 
    • Checks 25,000 words per submission 
    • Authentic, affordable, and efficient 
    • Plagiarism detection in multilingual content 
    • Offers 3 different pricing plans (between $5-$100)
    • Locate the source of copied content
    • Guarantees the security of user data 
    • Helpful in maintaining content integrity  
    • Generate a detailed PDF report of the results 
    • Also, detect AI content 
    • Provides %age for original, plagiarized, and rewritten content 
    • Versatile to be suitable for students, writers, and companies.


    • No free trials available 
    1. Plagiarism Detector by Paraphrasingtool.ai 

    AI Plagiarism Checker Tools by Paraphrasingtool.ai is another leading duplicate content checker. It helps students, bloggers, content markets, and other professionals cite sources and avoid plagiarism warnings. 

    Its built-in AI algorithms compare the provided content (word by word) with the vast databases (either online publications or offline content) and extract the copied text. 

    By differentiating both the plagiarized and original writing in the form of %age, the tool clearly informs the users how unique their content is. Additionally, it provides the source and link of the copied text. 

    It is extremely easy to use for both beginners and professionals. The user will:

    1. Sign in to the tool first and paste the content to be checked 
    2. Choose the language of the content 
    3. Click on the “Check plagiarism” or “Detect AI content” 


    The paraphrasing tool offers monthly and annual pricing plans for the plagiarism checker tool. 

    Monthly ($20)Yearly ($15)
    25,000 words (5,000/entry)60,000 words (25,000/entry)
    Paraphrasing toolParaphrasing tool
    AI text generator (essays, stories, etc.)AI text generator (essays, stories, etc.)


    • User-friendly, efficient, and reliable 
    • Multilingual content checking 
    • Provide %age for the original and plagiarized content 
    • Give the source and link for the copied text 
    • 25,000 words per submission  
    • The tool also detects AI content. 
    • Cite sources in APA, MLA, or Chicago formats. 
    • Designed for students, writers, educators, publishers, etc. 


    • Expensive tool 
    • Doesn’t generate a result report 
    1. Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly

    The Plagiarism detector by Grammarly is a well-known AI tool for its efficiency, affordability, and accuracy. 

    It thoroughly checks the provided content, matches the sentence patterns with the built-in databases, and gives the results for unique and copied content in %age. 

    Additionally, it suggests the source and link from which the content was taken. The tool also provides the following corrections in the content:

    • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors 
    • Word choice 
    • Content conciseness 
    • Readability 
    • Additional writing issues 

    Pricing Plan

    Grammarly features 2 different pricing plans for individual and team use. Both categories are affordable for both professionals and non-professionals.  

    Individual Plan

    Monthly ($30)
    Plagiarized content Grammar errorsSpelling errors  Punctuation errors Word choice Conciseness and Readability Additional writing issues 
    Quarterly ($12/month) 
    Yearly ($20/month)
    Team Plan ($15/month)3 members allowed


    • User-friendly and cheaper 
    • Provide %age for original and plagiarized content 
    • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors 
    • Suggest content conciseness and readability score 
    • Additional writing issues
    • Provide the source and link for the copied content 


    • Does not provide %  age of duplicate content for free users 


    Plagiarism Checker Tools are the most authentic, affordable, and efficient tools for identifying and differentiating duplicate content from the original text. 

    Plagiarismchecker.ai is the cheapest yet most reliable plagiarism detector tool available online. It accepts 25,000 words per submission (the largest number of words) and is ideal for students and content writers. 

    The plagiarism checker by Paraphrasingtool.ai is cheaper and more efficient. It employs vast databases to distinguish between duplicate and unique content. It is ideal for editors, publishers, and educators. 

    Plagiarism checker by Grammarly is an expensive yet the most advanced AI tool for identifying duplicate content. It is ideal for beginner writers and business professionals. 

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