12 Signs You Should Hire a Securities Fraud Lawyer

Investments and financial trading are not simple, and you may find yourself in complex situations that could lead to potential disputes or even allegations of fraud. When you do, get professional legal help from a securities fraud lawyer who specializes in dealing with cases involving the trading of stocks, bonds, and other securities. Here are clear indicators that you should consider seeking their expertise.

12 Signs You Should Hire a Securities Fraud Lawyer

You’re Facing Regulatory Investigations

When you receive notice that a regulatory body such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is investigating your activities, immediate action is essential. Contact a securities fraud defense lawyer right away to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the investigative process. Click here to learn more.

You’ve Received a Wells Notice

A Wells Notice is an indication that a regulatory agency is considering enforcement action against you. This is a critical moment, where the expertise of a securities fraud defense lawyer is invaluable. They can craft a Wells Submission in response, which could mitigate the action or possibly deter the agency from proceeding against you at all.

You’re Facing Allegations of Insider Trading

If you are accused of insider trading, the implications can be severe, with potential criminal and civil repercussions. A securities fraud defense lawyer can evaluate the evidence against you and develop a defense strategy that may include challenging the credibility of the evidence or the motives of witnesses.

You’re Facing Charges of Misrepresentation or Omission

Should there be allegations that you misrepresented or omitted crucial information in the sale or purchase of securities, you need a strong legal defense. A securities fraud defense lawyer will scrutinize the charges and work to demonstrate that all pertinent information was disclosed or that any omissions were not intentional.

There Are Questions of Ponzi Scheme Involvement

Being linked to a Ponzi scheme, whether accurately or falsely, can tarnish your reputation and career forever. A defense lawyer with a focus on securities fraud will be adept at disentangling the complexities of such schemes and defending your position.

Class Action Lawsuits Are in the Works

If you are facing a class action lawsuit due to alleged securities fraud, the collective nature of these claims can amplify the risk to your assets and reputation. A securities fraud defense lawyer can help manage these lawsuits, which often require special legal strategies and an especially robust defense.

You’re Having Broker-Dealer Compliance Issues

For broker-dealers, compliance with the myriad of securities regulations is critical but can also be difficult due to the complexity of these regulations. If you are facing allegations of non-compliance, a securities fraud defense lawyer can help you sort through the regulations and demonstrate your adherence to them.

You’re Under Suspicion of Market Manipulation

Market manipulation accusations can be anything spreading false information to executing trades in a manner that misleads other investors. A seasoned securities fraud defense lawyer can dissect the accusations and challenge the prosecution’s assertion of manipulative intent.

You’re Facing Accusations of Churning

Churning occurs when a broker excessively trades on a client’s account to generate commissions. If you’re accused of this practice, the complexities of proving intent and trading necessity make the counsel of a securities fraud defense lawyer indispensable. A good lawyer knows how to go through a transaction history to prove that trading activity was justified and in the client’s best interest.

There’s Been an Audit or Inquiry into Your Professional Conduct

When you’re notified of an audit or an inquiry into your professional conduct by an exchange or self-regulatory organization, it may be the first step before you face allegations of securities fraud. A defense lawyer with expertise in securities can help you prepare a comprehensive response and represent you during proceedings.

You’ve Gotten Subpoenas for Records or Testimony

If you receive a subpoena for your financial records or a request for your testimony regarding securities transactions, it is a clear sign that someone is looking into you. A securities fraud defense lawyer can ensure that your response does not inadvertently incriminate you and can guide you through the process of complying with such requests, protecting your rights and preparing you in advance for any allegations that might arise. A good lawyer may be able to tell what potential charges are in the works just by looking at the subpoena details.

You Notice Negative Media Coverage

Media coverage can often precede, or influence, legal action. If you find yourself the subject of negative media attention related to securities fraud, a defense lawyer can help you manage the court of public opinion while preparing for potential legal battles.

These are just a few signs that you need a seasoned securities fraud defense lawyer by your side. Securities fraud is a serious charge, so always work with a specialized attorney who has expertise and experience in this area.

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