Why You Should Use Delahaye Moving for Your South London Removals

South London has recently become a sought-after location to move to. It combines beautiful and dreamy scenery with many business and educational opportunities. Another attractive aspect of south London is that its real estate prices have decreased compared to the last year.

Many young professionals, business people, and families with children are moving to South London for its incredible opportunities. If you also want to move to South London, plan your move wisely. Don’t hire a man and van service to help you move. Instead, hire a reputable removal company like Delahaye Moving.

Following are some reasons why you should use Delahaye Moving if you are moving to South London.

1. Assurance

The process of moving is very stressful and difficult. You have to pack your things put them in a van and take them to your new home in South London. There are two ways to go about it:

⦁ Pack everything yourself, and hire a van to move your belongings to your new home.
⦁ Or hire a reputable removal company such as Delahaye Moving to do the same.

Among these, the first option seemingly costs less than the second one. But you may get a nasty surprise if you believe that to be true. Why? Because a man with a van can’t guarantee that all your belongings will reach your new home in one piece.

It is common for things to be damaged or go missing when moving to your new home. But if you hire Delahaye Moving Removal Company, that will never happen. They make a list of every item and guarantee that it will reach your new home safely.

So, hire them, and you will get peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

2. No danger

Lifting heavy furniture can be dangerous if you don’t have proper training. You could get some serious injuries trying to do so. The most common injuries while moving heavy furniture are as follows:

⦁ Back pain: If you carry more than your capacity, then, of course, you are going to strain your back.
⦁ Broken bones: If your hand slips when carrying something heavy and it falls on your feet, then you know what will happen. It is not rare to end up with broken hands, feet, or fingers during a move.
⦁ Cuts and bruises: Getting cuts is incredibly common when moving. During the move, a lot of sharp objects are lying around everywhere.

⦁ Knee injuries: It is also due to lifting more than your capacity.

Minor injuries might be bearable, but if you get severe damage, then your plan cancels. You would have to pay extra medical expenses and re-plan the move after your injuries heal.
That’s why for your own and your loved one’s safety hire Delahaye Moving to help you move. They are well trained and know how to move things without injury.

3. Accountability

If you plan the move yourself, here is what you would have to do.

⦁ Pack all your things
⦁ Rent or hire a van, load all the boxes on it, and go to your new home.
⦁ Unpack your things
⦁ Make sure everything is still present.

During this process, it is common to lose or damage many things. That’s because neither you nor the van driver has any experience in how to move professionally. You don’t know how to arrange your stuff in the van so they won’t break.
But if you hire Delahaye Moving to help your move, then none of this is your problem anymore. It is their problem. They are responsible and accountable for ensuring that everything in your old home gets to your new home in one piece.
If anything is lost or damaged, they will replace or repair it for you. You won’t have to spend a penny to buy, or repair lost and damaged things.

4. International move

If you are moving to South London from abroad, do yourself a favor and hire Delahaye Moving. You don’t want to complete the process yourself. That’s because it is a long, expensive and complicated process. So much so that you will be urged to ditch your things and buy new ones when you get to South London.
Hiring Delahaye Moving will shorten this long and tedious process. They care for everything related to your move to South London from overseas.

5. Storage

Sometimes you may reach South London but cannot immediately move to a new home. Or sometimes your new home can’t fit all your furniture, in such situations you need a storage place to put your things safely.
If you are in this situation, order a storage service from the Delahaye Moving website. They have both short-term and long-term storage services. They will make sure that everything you store with them stays safe and sound until you come to get them back.

Suppose something from your belongings is lost or damaged during storage with Delahaye Moving. They will repair or replace it free of cost.

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When was Delahaye Moving first founded?

Delahaye Moving was first established in 1978 in London; it has been in business for 44 years.

Is ‘Delahaye Moving’ a global company?

Yes, Delahaye Moving is a global company. It has offices in London, Paris, Nice, Casablanca, and Morocco. You can also visit the Delahaye Moving website for more details. https://delahayemoving.co.uk/

What is the contact number of Delahaye Moving?

You can contact Delahaye Moving London office at +44 (0) 20 3445 5778.

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