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Are you all set for your upcoming holiday vacation but worried about showing off your skin? So, you are here at the right place to help you achieve smooth and supple skin. There are plenty of best wax for dry skin, but you should at least have your knowledge regarding the product you are using and whether or not it is going to suit your skin type. 

Since waxing is meant to remove the entire length of your hair from its follicles, you will need to take proper precautions so that you do not get irritation on your skin or any sort of waxing bumps. Read on to learn more about what you must do to get a clean and beach-free skin type:

Allow your hair to grow till the appropriate length

Allow your hair to grow up to a minimum length of 0.5 cm. This will ensure that the wax is going to grip your hair easily and thus remove it without any trouble. Having shorter hair can be a bit problematic since it will take a longer time for the wax to stick to your hair and get rid of it.

Exfoliate your skin thoroughly.

Use a good quality body scrub and wash off your body at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. This will make sure that you do not have any clogged pores or dead skin cells. Also, it will take care that you won’t get a hard time while doing the wax. You may definitely choose to schedule an appointment with an expert. They are the best in the town with the most professional services. 

Wash your skin prior to the waxing session.

Having clean and dry skin before you go for waxing is the best thing that you can possibly do! Remember that having excess oil or sweat on your skin will prevent your hair from removing properly. As a result, you will be left off with some stray hairs on the surface of your skin. Also, it is ideal to remove your makeup before you sit for waxing. On top of that, you should use a clean towel before applying the wax. Otherwise, it won’t get over your damp skin. 

After care routine is essential! 

Getting the wax for dry skin is a little more sensitive. You must be a lot more careful to ensure that you do not end up getting any irritation. Here are some of the things that you must consider to have the best and the healthiest skin for yourself: 

Calm the skin layers

Post the waxing session, prefer to apply some aloe vera gel or a moisturizer of your choice. This will make sure that your skin remains hydrated, and you can avoid getting waxing bumps. You may also choose to apply some tea tree oil which will fight the bacteria and other microorganisms that could otherwise make your skin prone to infections. 

Have a cold shower

You might start feeling itchiness or irritation on your skin post the waxing is done. Therefore, it is usually recommended to go for a cool shower. Also, in case you have got your underarms waxed, escape from using any sort of body spray or deodorant for at least the next 24 hours. Mild soaps and shower gels must be used instead of harsh soaps or any kind of scrubs or exfoliators. 

Refrain from going to some places.

After getting your waxing done, refrain from going to the gyms or saunas for a minimum of the next 48 hours. Remember that sweat can give a sense of irritation to your skin. As a result, you should avoid UV exposure, which may cause redness. 

What is the best wax for dry skin?

Soft wax

Often known as strip waxing, it is pretty amazing if you want to apply it on large portions of your body. One can use a roller or a wooden stick for application and then a cloth piece to pull off the hair. 

Fruit wax

If you have got sensitive skin, fruit wax is going to serve the best for your purpose. It is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that are simply ideal for your overall skin nourishment. Although it can prove to be a bit costly for you, it is just amazing and will not give you any pain at all. 

Chocolate wax

This contains a lot of antioxidants alongside different essential oils and glycerine, everything that will serve as an anti-inflammatory agent for your skin. Besides, it will work best if your skin is prone to redness. 

Hard wax

This kind of wax is applied on smaller areas of the skin, particularly in the underarms area, bikini zone and upper lips. One can use the hot wax directly on the skin and pull it in the opposite direction of your hair. 

Bottom line

Talk to your stylist before choosing the kind of wax you wish to opt for! Discuss your skin type and issues in detail prior to avoid any hassle later on!

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