What is an Event App and How Does it Work? 

Organizing an event is no simple task — could event apps change that? The success of any event, from modest gatherings to large conferences and trade exhibits, depends on information and data. Attendees that are knowledgeable are more engaged and can make the most of their event time. Additionally, event planners can use this information to enhance their events by knowing who their attendees are and how they interact with them. The stage is established during the preparation process, so great results don’t begin at the conclusion of an event. This step includes developing a mobile app for events, which will continue to affect how the event turns out even after the show has been over.

What you need to know about event apps and how they enhance your next event is provided here.

What is exactly an event app?

It is undoubtedly difficult to plan a successful event, but with a little assistance from event software, it is possible to remove several major pain points that event managers encounter before, during, and after their events. Mobile event apps are another simple method to provide extra value that will enhance attendees’ overall experiences and elevate your event to a whole new level. We can discuss benefits like the ability to make events exciting, simple access to all pertinent information, data collecting, immediate event evaluation, or real-time communication, which can be quite helpful when unforeseen circumstances arise.

So what is it exactly? A management tool with the primary purpose of being used at events is known as an event app. It can be used on the desktop or mobile devices. Simply by facilitating interactions and communication between event organizers and participants as well as amongst attendees themselves, event apps assist improve the guest experience.

How does a mobile event app work?

Event planners will develop a customized app for your event and upload it to the app store, just like they would with any other app. During the event, attendees can locate information, material, and people using the mobile event app. Because each event app is customized for a particular event, they are all unique. However, most event apps share a lot of the same features and capabilities. A user might, for instance, be able to browse the schedule for the event and create reminders for the sessions they’re interested in. They can design their own schedules to reduce the likelihood of missing something crucial. Attendees can communicate with speakers or other attendees at your in-person event or hybrid event using event applications.

Finding others who share your interests or who are attending the same sessions as you is simple, which makes networking much simpler. Push notifications can be sent to users by the majority of an online event registration software to inform them of important events or future sessions. This is a fantastic approach to enhance the value of an event so that users don’t miss the most crucial details. Throughout the event, event hosts can post information, such as video summaries or on-demand full sessions. As rich an experience as you like!

Must-have features of a mobile event app

A communication channel for participants and event organizers to exchange crucial information and insights about an event is an event app. It encourages participant involvement, contentment, and attendee engagement, which ensures a positive event ROI. If you’re looking for an event app, you need to take into account the following features.

Push notifications

Using push notifications to alert guests about your event is a successful strategy. By segmenting your audience and sending that group-specific notification, you can take it to the next level. You may tailor your greeting to participants, remind them of the event’s timing, let them know about last-minute venue changes, and encourage them to participate in post-event surveys via targeted push notifications.

Networking features

Together with matchmaking, the speed networking tool facilitates networking. It enhances networking opportunities for users by arranging quick one-on-one virtual meetings with other participants who share their interests. It’s a great approach for them to begin developing deep connections.

Audience polls and surveys

90% of event planners believe polls and surveys are the most effective tools for increasing audience participation. Between sessions, adding live polls or surveys keeps the audience interested in the speaker.  


One of the best event software features to incorporate to optimize attendee participation and increase event ROI is gamification. It motivates them to engage with sponsors and exhibitors, stimulates networking, and keeps them focused and engaged throughout the sessions.

White labeling 

The best tools for customizing and rebranding to meet your event’s theme and appearance are white-labeled event registration apps. You can select a color scheme for your company’s icon and logo with these apps. In order to make it easier for users to find your app, they also provide you the option to display your event name and logo on the splash screen and in the app store. Through a strong brand presence, these apps help you appear respectable and competent in front of your attendees.

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