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A family road trip creates an opportunity to just bond and enjoy each other’s company away from the familiar home setting. It is a chance to rejuvenate and unwind while still being around the people who mean the most to us. The daily routine of life is monotonous and any chance to escape it with family should be grabbed by both hands and made good use of.

But that said, a lot goes into preparation for a road trip of this kind to be successful. The size of your family and the age of your kids are among the factors you will have to consider as you make your plans. There are different types of accommodation to choose from, and the choice ultimately depends on your preferences and how you want to experience the trip. To settle on one that will best suit your family will require you to make some careful considerations to ensure you get it right and your family including the little ones have a good time. A miscalculation can be costly and can be the difference between you having a good time or not.

As you decide on your accommodation, it is prudent to arrange your means of transportation while on the trip. This being a road trip, get a car that will be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate your whole family. For a large family, you can opt for a 12 passenger van rental as it comes with adequate sitting and storage space. Visit the rental24h website to compare prices of the different 12 seater car rentals in the USA and settle on one that will best suit your family. With your transportation means taken care of, below are a few tips you should consider when choosing your accommodation for this trip.


Location is a significant factor to put into consideration. Your accommodation should be near the places you intend to visit. If you are traveling to Orlando for example and have plans of visiting Disneyland, your accommodation should be close by.You should also consider accommodation that is near amenities like shopping malls, and parks that the kids can play in and not too far from roads or highways you intend to use for the road trip.


How much you are willing to spend on accommodation will determine the option you settle for. You don’t want to blow all your trip money on accommodation alone. If you are on a tight budget there are cheaper accommodation options like hostels and Airbnb’s for your consideration. If you want to enjoy some luxury and your budget allows you then you can opt for resorts and high-end furnished apartments.

Space Requirements

Your family size will determine your space requirements. If you have young kids and choose to stay in a hotel, you may want to consider a hotel room with two beds or connecting rooms so that you keep an eye on them. If you have a large family, vacation rentals or family holidays apartments can come in handy because of the extra bedrooms and space to make everyone comfortable.

Put everyone in mind

When deciding, put the interests of all your other family members in mind since you are going to share this space with them. This is to ensure everybody is comfortable. If you have young kids, accommodation that may have a playing ground for them or a kid-friendly swimming pool would be ideal. Teenage children would require accommodation that allows them to have their privacy and for adults, you may consider one with or close to amenities like a bar, a fitness center, or a spa.

Do some research online

Doing some online research helps you check reviews and recommendations from other travelers. This will save you time and help you concentrate on places with good reviews from previous users. Online research can also help you compare prices to help you get a good deal.Some online research will also help you get the most suitable places for activities such as camping if it’s on your itinerary. A family camping trip will require among other things a safe camping site, and you can get this crucial information online.


Accommodation is a primary concern for anyone planning a trip. Getting your accommodation right will ultimately contribute to the success of your trip. For a trip involving your whole family, there is no room for error, and you just have to get it right. For your next family road trip, put in mind the few tips discussed here and enjoy a successful trip. As you plan for your accommodation make sure you also arrange for your means of transport. Ensure you get a spacious car to keep everyone comfortable during the trip.

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