Things to Know about Camp Walden

Camp Walden is a nearly joined community of children almost aged between 8 to 15 years. All campers always return every year for adventure, friendship, challenge, and fun to take part in outmoded dramatic camp all activities excluding wasteland trips, like horseback riding, many games tennis, sailing and swimming(water skiing).


The camp Walden conquers a maximum of over 150 acres of area which consist of forest and grassy grounds and over a half mile of beachfront stuff with docks for all adventures like swimming, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, and on the sand pound. It is one of the nestled in the pine-filled woods is also on the waterfront, adjacent to the area of boat ness. The fields provide a lot of sports like softball, soccer, lacrosse and all others or an archery series and 6 tennis court, a volleyball court. This camp also has a wall climbing and an all adventures to challenge course with elements, a zip line and low and high ropes.

The adventures in the camp Walden:

In the camp Walden the riding of horseback and all other facilities of two riding rings, pastures and a barn are excluding. Almost 8 to 10 horses are participating that spend the summer camp with all tourists. The facilities of all creativity like arts and building of craft are including overlooking the lake in this camp. Walden is a wonderful collection of studio of ceramics, jewelry and enameling and also drawing, painting, a dance practice cases with mirrors and musical theatre program. In this Walden camp the cabins of camper are placed in a horseshoe all around a pine-needled knoll which is called grove. They are attached and close to the main gate of house and health center. From the lower side of camper cabin the all scenery and view of the lake and wonderful cry of loons at night, and this provide the memories of Maine authentic.

To enjoy summertime in the camp Walden is a best choice:

To make the summer vacation too magical and fantastic the camp Walden is very suitable area. The campers of this camp are also so amazing is all about Walden. At this camp Walden it is sure that the all campers provide feelings also excluded their warm of the nice community. This camp is one of family for all also act as family by which become a part of life. So you can enjoy, live, laugh, and have more entertainment freely than you never imagined in your life.

The camp Walden is one of the safe environments by itself on the earth. It has given a great opportunity to the campers and for experience to enjoy the real joy of fun and friendship in summer time. Where the all children and people are settle as they enjoy and grow with each other without any description. This is most beautiful era within a natural free to have an inviting. This offer is one of a perfect match for the adventures and spending time in summer. The all programs and activities of the Walden camp are manage on a large base and always welcomed the whole population.


Basically fun is the heart of camp Walden and it offers all the things to enjoy fun under the sun of summer. Also the artists, athletics, adventure, or aquatics the Walden have it all individuals. It is co-education overnight camp and provides endless opportunity, to grow their skills and confidence. Once you enjoy the summer time in the Walden camp it becomes a lot of memories within your life time.

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