Study and work abroad: An incredible experience
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Do you want to study English, but at the same time want to work? Don’t worry, this is more common than you think and quite possible, in fact most young people start this feat of studying and working abroad with the help of specialized programs to make their dream come true.

In this article that we present below, we provide you with information on the countries and programs to which you can apply, their benefits and requirements, and more information of interest for you to undertake your trip abroad.

Experiencing a trip to learn about new cultures, customs and traditions is the first option of many students, however, they do not realize the great opportunity they would have by traveling, studying and working at the same time.

Working abroad allows you to enrich your experience and develop skills such as: the ability to adapt to different environments, generate contacts around the world, and multilingualism.

Your opportunities multiply, both at a work and personal level, as your network of friends will grow and you will develop social skills, you will be independent and you will trust yourself more.

While you work, you have the opportunity to maintain at the same time the tuition and stay expenses of the country you choose as your study destination, even with the passing of time, you can make it your new home.

Before embarking on your trip abroad, the first thing you should do is find a destination that allows you to work while you’re studying abroad. Although it is true, almost all countries allow you to work within their university programs, however, few allow you to do so. They provide the opportunity for you to work while you study an English course or a particular language.

Students have a great educational offer at their disposal, but among their favorite options are language programs, mostly English.

Among the most frequent occupations for students are those related to service, customer service; waiter, barista, gardening, child or elderly care, construction, etc.

It is possible that you will also find options related to your study or you can work within the educational institution where you have enrolled, in laboratories or in libraries, it all depends on your experience and your performance in speaking English.

Without further ado, below we present the offer of specialized programs in English offered by countries such as: Australia, Dubai, Malta and Ireland.


In Australia you will be able to live new adventures, its tourist attractions, quality of life and opportunities for international students will make you fall in love with that country.

Being a country with the lowest unemployment rate in the world, it is a destination where you will find a high possibility of work that fits your study pace, obviously you will have benefits at work according to your academic performance and your level of English , which you can perfect by studying in the programs you find in Wanderlust.

The salary you receive can be used to carry out various daily and tourist activities or you can save for your return to your country of origin.

As a requirement to be able to study and work at the same time, you must be over 18 years old, if you are a minor, you must travel with the due permission of your representatives and the institute to which you decide to apply, in the same way you must submit a letter of motivation where details the reasons why you want to travel to Australia.

When you get your job, the employer must give you a labor agreement to establish agreements on the conditions of your new job, the salary you will receive and the time you will remain.


In Dubai you can access to work while you study in English, without limit of hours, and best of all, you can continue working despite completing your studies.

The difference between the opportunity to study and work in Dubai, and that of other countries, is that in Dubai you will be able to get a job at a professional level and establish yourself while demonstrating that you have an excellent level of English.

In the same way, you can access temporary jobs in the tourism, hotel, service and related sectors.

By having a high rate of migrants, it will be easy for you to interact with people from different destinations, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, and in this way your understanding of the language will be easier.


Despite being a little-known tourist destination, the small island located in the Mediterranean is one of the best options for you to study and work abroad. The island of Malta is 100% safe, as it has the lowest crime and crime rates in the world, even being considered one of the safest countries in Europe.

In order to work and study in this country, you need to enroll in a course of study that lasts longer than 12 weeks. As a curious fact, in order to work here, it is mandatory that you enroll in a specialized program and in an employment agency.


Ireland is one of the countries in Europe, where you can acquire a visa to work while simultaneously studying an English course. In recent years, Ireland has been the preferred destination for Latin American students to study and work abroad.

In Ireland, the educational quality that is reflected in the students stands out, as well as its cultural diversity and the security of the country.

Young foreigners prepare for job responsibility in Ireland, as it is a benchmark for promoting work from youth so that they have experience when applying for a job in their adult life.

It’s time to pack your bags and take advantage of the great opportunity to learn a language in its place of origin and perfect it while you get to know the world; while studying and working abroad.

Dare to be part of this great adventure!

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