RV Storage Solutions: Maximizing Space in Your Home on Wheels

Living on wheels is a very intriguing and unique experience, unlike anything else. There are also many advantages to it. However, one big flaw that people often consider is the lack of storage space available. Although you can increase the storage space, maximizing space in your RV is quite complicated. But fret not. Even though you may not be able to pack everything you want, there are several tricks and RV storage ideas to accommodate all the important things you need. Here are a few such RV storage solution tips:

Understanding RV Storage Constraints:

There are quite a few unique challenges to using RVs, and the way they work is different from our usual homes. For instance, an RV has a very compact space with limited square footage. Therefore, the way we store our things will be different. In most cases, there will be dual-purpose designs or multifunctional ones that can serve several purposes. An example of this would be how a dining table can also be used as a storage area or converted into a workspace. So when you are moving into an RV, you need to think about the weight limits of the belongings, the available storage space, the limitations in mobility, etc. Since the vehicle may be on the move at any time, you need to have belongings and place them securely so that they don’t fall while on the move.

Decluttering Strategies:

The first and most important step in creating maximum storage space in the RV is decluttering. It is an important method because a part of your job gets done when you separate the essential and non-essential items. When the items are reduced, you naturally have more space. Now, there is a way to categorize the essential items. First, plan frequent decluttering sessions to stop extra stuff from piling up. This might be as simple as a weekly check-in and tidy-up or as involved as a monthly decluttering. Second, you can pick out items like those that have sentimental value and mean more to you. Third, if you are confused about the need for a product, weigh the necessity of having it, and if it serves a practical purpose, hold it or let it go. Another excellent way to do this is to store it seasonally. You can do a seasonal rotation based on the items you need season-wise, like clothes, which can be stored elsewhere in bags or other external compartments.

Space-efficient furniture and appliances:

Space-efficient furniture is the game changer even in normal homes today. For instance, you can use a convertible sofa bed which can be utilised both as a bed and a sofa, saving space and serving purpose. Likewise, you can opt for dining tables and chairs that are foldable and can be stored in a corner when not in use. There are other types like wall-mounted desks which can be folded down when needed, and bunk beds which maximize the sleeping space. There are also appliances like portable induction cooktops, compact refrigerators, folding ironing board, etc that you can include to reduce the space appliances occupy in the RVs.

Overhead and Under-Bed Storage

This is like the secret space you are looking for in your RVs. Overhead and under-bed storage are key spaces where you can expand your storage. You can use transparent storage bins to ensure you see the content in the overhead storage and can use the required items easily. Likewise, you can install shelves in the overhead compartment space which will help you to store things categorically.

PS: Kindly use velcro or non-slip mats to ensure that the items are secured and they don’t fall or shift during the travel.

The under-bed storage is one where you can use bed risers to create more space under the bed. This way, you can store things you don’t need regularly under this. You can vacuum seal bags containing your clothes and place them under the bed. You can also invest in a bed with built-in storage which serves multiple purposes.

Hanging Storage Solutions:

Another excellent tip for storage solutions is hanging storage. You can use hanging shoe organizers or shelves to store additional things, thereby creating more storage space in other compartments and shelves installed in the RVs. You can use over-the-door hooks to hang towels and hats, and can also use hanging fruit and vegetable baskets which are lightweight and can create some space on the counter. There are other types like hanging laundry bags, cabinet door hooks, hanging file organizers, etc. which you can try to save up some space.

Custom Shelving and Cabinets:

You can customize the shelves and cabinets based on your storage requirements, which is a smart storage solution. After you buy an RV, you can install custom shelves based on proper measurements and plans. These plans can be done with an expert’s help to meet your requirements and storage needs. You can build adjustable shelves and also make use of the corners to custom-build corner shelves that can help store more. There are other kinds, like vertical shelving, which is a great deal in RVs as they are generally tall and narrow. So you can store more items. You can also design fold-down shelves that can be folded when not in use.

Maximizing External Storage:

You can also maximize the external storage to save space internally and lead a more comfortable life in RVs. For example, you can install roof racks to transport things like bicycles, kayaks, or a roof storage box. Make sure everything is securely fastened to avoid damage while in transit. In addition, you can use cargo carriers that are mounted on a hitch. In other words, you can install a cargo carrier on your RV’s hitch to the back, which can be used as storage for big equipment like generators.

Wrapping Up

Maximizing the storage space in RVs is tricky but exciting. There are many RVs for sale available that you can buy and customize the storage space to enhance your experience of having your home on wheels.

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