Pros and Cons of Silkscreen Printing

When you are looking at producing printed garments or other items, there is actually more than one method of Silkscreen Printing to choose from. Different ones have their own pros and cons and it depends on your goal and reasons for printing. You also need to check out the printing services you are considering to see what they offer. Screen printing one of the more common options offering because it is very popular for large orders.

Here is a closer look at silk screen or Silkscreen Printing and what makes it especially popular with certain customers.

Exploring Silkscreen Printing

It is essential a large stencil create with your design and then that burn into a screen and the ink pushes through onto the garment using a squeegee. There is one screen per color. When you add in automated printing and machinery you can print hundreds an hour.

While the initial setup requires more time compared to other methods, subsequent processes are swift, catering efficiently to online demand.

What are the main pros and cons to screen printing?

Pros – There are a number of positive things about Silkscreen Printing. The quality of the print is excellent and very vivid. If you choose water-based inks the image does not feel hard. It is soft like the garment it is printed onto. Silkscreen Printing also lasts longer through lots of washing and use. It is the best choice when you have more to order as you can get discounts the larger the order you make. Silkscreen Printing is easy to find printing services that offer this method because of its popularity. It is great for designs that are simple, bold, and have less than a handful of colors.

Cons – It is hard to find printing services that will do small orders. Because of the time it takes to set up, a minimum order tends to require. That number is usually around 20. It is also not the best option for images that have a lot of colors or details in them, or for photos. It takes too many screens and the work of blending the colors is hard. DTG tends to be best for those cases.

How Do You Know If This Is The Silkscreen Printing Option That Is Best For You?

Silkscreen printing, also called just screen printing, is great for organizations and businesses looking to create promotional material, employee uniforms, or brands creating something to sell to customers. It is very affordable and the print quality is great as long as the image is not too detailed. If you are printing for less than 20 people or for personal reasons you might want to choose another printing technique.

A good way to find out what professional printers might have to say is to find two or three that have a good reputation and then ask them what they think would best meet your needs. You can also compare other services, experience, skills, and things like shipping and pricing.

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