Hello, if you are in the article searching on your browser “How to make money using Facebook,” then you are in the right 👉 place. 

Would you not be surprised to know Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media network platform? In using, Facebook could achieve a position next to Google. 

It will not be an exaggeration, though, if you desire to be a millionaire using Facebook. It is not only a platform for chatting and sharing any things but also a money-making platform.

How to make money using Facebook? 

Very easy to do this. So don’t make any misstep to go the way. To generate revenue from Facebook, you have to go through the following ways.

First, watch the video, then keep your steps on the ways to reach the goal.

Present yourself on Facebook

A Facebook profile can represent your professionalism. To edit your early profile providing your credential. All credentials must be real and well-optimized that can display your personality.

A good-looking profile photo displays your identity and personality to your audience. So you need to take a well-optimized and good-looking profile pic.

Otherwise, a short description in a bio section helps the audience judge you in the right way. If you fail to introduce your business or yourself to the audience, the purpose of presenting yourself on Facebook will be worthless.

For that, you should not avoid plopping your contact info on your profile that will help the audience to find out about you. 

Create a Facebook page and a group 

Under the Facebook account, you have to create a Facebook page and a group that will provide you extra cash with your focusing income.

To aerate a Facebook page and a group, you must choose a niche, and you make conversation and share your experience on the topic. 

Facebook Page

You have to browse on a browser from your device for creating the page, typing https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/ the URL. After that, you must notify the page. Like- 

Facebook page creation

Where you will be asked to type the page name that must be your niche related. Do this, jump down into the category section and select the category your niche is going through. 

After that, you must describe a short description of your niche that must reflect your niche info. 

Then, click on the create button. After creating the page, you need to add the call to action button to assist the audience in finding out you or your business. 

Facebook Group

To grow a business, a community plays a great role in growing an online business, which assists you in sharing ideas among the community and conveys them to the targeted audience.

To create a group, you have to follow some ideas that must help grow your community on Facebook.

First, on the right of the top menu bar, click on the “+” button. After clicking the button, you will notice a down menu bar; in the bar, you need to click to create a community on the group option.

Facebook Group creation

After clicking on the group icon, you will see the page to insert your community name and set privacy. Please set up your privacy “Public.” Then go to another page, pushing creating the button that will display the page.

On the left menu bar, you will follow many items from them you need to edit some.

At first, you need to create custom group rules that the members must follow as your requirements.

 Custom group rules

After that, you have to dive by clicking on the setting option to edit some settings on the setting page.

group settings

Target your audience 

After creating your page and the group, you need to target your audience interested in your topic. 

Target audience

Before targeting your audience, you have to be educated about the products that you desire to promote to your audience.

To make money using Facebook, you have to target the right audience in the right place.

As you have a company where you produce beauty products. First, you know for whom you produce your products; second, you must realize who can become your customers.

If you can store all of the ideas that can help you target your target audience, you must reach the target followers.

How to target your audience? 

To target your audience, you have to know the details of your niche. Then, you have to find out the interested persons on Facebook.  

After doing this, you must connect and share your experiences to convert them into your followers. 

First of all, join their community and search for them one by one to get the right audience.


As an example, you are providing health tips on the page and the group. First, find out who suffers from health diseases like- diet problems, screen problems, and more. 

diet problem (fat-man)

If you share diet control tips and tricks, you must find bulky people who need to cut fat. It is the most important hack that young girls are often fonds of diet control.   

For that, you may reach them with your commodities to sell. 

Build a strong relationship with your audience     

Most of the businesses online generate their lead building a strong connection that may be a strong relationship. Between business and customers’ connection can grow up its sales.

A strong relationship with your audience can lead your business or brand to the next level online. 

So focus on building a strong relationship with your target audience. Then, how?

For doing this, you have to represent your business on social media sites like Facebook.

Facebook is the most remarkable platform to connect the target audience. Now Facebook took place in the second position next to Google.

To reach very close to your audience, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Post relevant and informative content constantly on Facebook to engage your audience. 
  • Always write for your audience sharing more info about your niche to convert them into your followers.
  • Try to keep yourself engaged with your targeted audience, sharing your ideas with them. 
  • Wish them on various occasion or their different special days like- marriage day, birthday.
  • Inspire them to go ahead with their full enthusiasm.

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Generate revenue by setting up a Facebook shop        

If you use Facebook following the above steps, I hope you have huge followers on your Facebook page and the group. Now you can monetize your Facebook followers by setting up a shop. 

For example, if you are sharing beauty and health tips, then most of the page’s followers are interested in beauty and health products. 

On the contrary, you may earn money from Facebook selling beauty and health products to interesting products. 

At present, Facebook is a marketplace for sharing business ideas and converting the ideas into products for selling to the customers. That means Facebook always acts as a broad shop for all online business owners.

If you desire to convert your insight ideas, you can easily represent the ideas to the targeted audience.

For that, you have to focus on your products creations that you want to display on Facebook for sale. Quality products can drive quality customers. Finally, quality customers are the opening door of your business.

Make money doing freelance work on Facebook

When you are an active Facebook user to make money using Facebook, you have experienced Facebook marketing. 

In the present world, many business owners are hiring facebook marketers like you to manage their business. 

You have a huge job as a Facebook marketer if you have enough Facebook analytics and manager knowledge. 

How to hire freelance job on Facebook?

Facebook is a platform that offers huge opportunities to get high-quality jobs based on your skills.

As you are skilled in content writing, you may introduce yourself to the targeted audience. Who are interested in the service, you may reach the audience with your content marketing skills.

If you show your content writing skills well to your client, you have huge jobs free. You don’t need an extra fee that you have to pay various markets place like- Fiverr and Upwork, etc. You would only pay attention to make money using Facebook.

Following the ideas, you can have a freelance job on Facebook-

  • First, you need to join your skills-related communities.
  • Then create a persona of the members of the group. According to the persona, you may connect them and offer your skills.
  • If you can connect them with your proper skills, definitely, you must have a job.

Make money through affiliate marketing 

Now affiliate marketing is a trendy way to be a millionaire making money online. To generate revenue through affiliate marketing, you have to join an affiliate program that must be your niche. Then generate a unique link that you can place on your Facebook page and the group to getting commission against every sale through the link.

For that, you don’t need any investment. So it is very reliable to do for every newbie. 

But you have to build a strong audience on Facebook. Think, will all of the Facebook friends or followers purchase clicking your affiliate link? Maybe yes or not.

If you build an audience targeting monetization through affiliate marketing, you can do it easily. For that, you must apply the ideas, how to grow a Facebook community. And how to target the audience to drive to your Facebook page.

Return cash from CPA marketing

CPA marketing is another idea to return cash from Facebook. It is an excellent idea for meeting money in a short time and efficiently. It is like affiliate marketing but more accessible than it is to make cash. To get commission by affiliate marketing, you must make a sale. But for generating revenue by CPA marketing, I need any action that may be, signing up with email, PDF download, File lock, or any action as the requirement of publishers.

For doing it, you must promote the link that the CPA network will provide. Picking the link, you can enable it on Facebook directly or using your marketing ideas. The success of CPA marketing will depend on your marketing ideas.

Generate revenue from Facebook live stream videos

Now Facebook Ads break formula is a great way to get enough revenue from Facebook. Facebook updates its features and opens huge opportunities to make money online using Facebook with the updating technology.

Showing ads in-stream, Facebook helps the video creators who desire to make a career using Facebook online.

If you have a Facebook page with enough audience to apply for the approval to show in your live stream, you can go on your approaches to reach the goal with Facebook.

If you can use Facebook perfectly to build a career online, you don’t need to use another platform to make money online. Facebook may be your targeted platform to make money online.

Monetize your Facebook traffic driving to your blog

Now blogging is a smart way to build a strong career online. The main purpose of all blogs is to make money. In the term, it is true that no traffic, no income.

For providing traffic, Facebook is a great platform. On the platform, you will find the right visitors as there are hardly the internet users that do not use Facebook. That is why if you can grow your Facebook community with your targeted audience, you must drive to your website and monetize them.

For driving them, you always need to connect your audience with your informational blog post. The post must be written for your audience. And the interested audience will dive into the link to achieve the information.

To make money on Facebook, blogging is another great idea for you. But in the field, you must have more skills than others ways. Like-

  • Writing skills in a specific language
  • Basic marketing ideas
  • And basic SEO

That is why it is called a smart idea to make money online.


If you can be professional in using Facebook, definitely, you can reach the targeted audience. Focusing on Facebook marketing, you may lead your business on the top of the search engines that will drive huge organic traffic to your business. The more you can drive traffic to your website to convert customers, the more you can make sales.

For that, you have to focus your targeted audience on converting your follower and then customers. Then you will be successful in the industry.