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How to make money using Facebook

November 8, 2020

Hello, if you are in the article searching on your browser “How to make money using Facebook,” then you are in the right 👉 place. 

Would you not be surprised to know Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media network platform? In using, Facebook could achieve a position next to Google. 

It will not be an exaggeration, though, if you desire to be a millionaire using Facebook. It is not only a platform for chatting and sharing any things but also a money-making platform.

How to make money using Facebook? 

Very easy to do this. So don’t make any misstep to go the way. To generate revenue from Facebook, you have to go through the following ways.

Present yourself on Facebook

A Facebook profile can represent your professionalism. To edit your early profile providing your credential.

A good looking profile photo displays your identity and personality to your audience. 

Otherwise, a short description in a bio section helps the audience judge you in the right way. 

For that, you should not avoid plopping your contact info on your profile that will help the audience to find out you. 

Create a Facebook page and a group 

Under the Facebook account, you have to create a Facebook page and a group. 

To aerate a Facebook page and a group, you must choose a niche, and you make conversation and share your experience on the topic. 

For creating the page, you have to browse on a browser from your device, typing the URL. After that, you must notify the page. Like- 

Facebook page creation

Where you will be asked to type the page name that must be your niche related. Doing this, jump down into the category section, and select the category that your niche is going through. 

After that, you must describe a short description of your niche that must reflect your info of the niche. 

Then, click on the create button. After creating the page, you need to add the call to action button to assist the audience in finding out you or your business. 

Target your audience  

After creating your page and the group, you need to target your targeted audience interested in your topic. 

How to target your audience? 

To target your audience, you have to know the details of your niche. Then, you have to find out the interested persons on Facebook.  

After doing this, you must connect and share your experiences to convert them into your followers. 

First of all, join their community and search them one by one to get the right audience.


As an example, you are providing health tips on the page and the group. First, find out who are suffering from health diseases like- diet problem, screen problem, and more. 

If you share diet control tips and tricks, you must find out bulky people who need to cut fat. This is the most important hack that young girls are often fonds of diet control.   

For that, you may reach them with your commodities in order to sell. 

Build a strong relationship with your audience     

A strong relationship with your audience can lead your business or brand to the next level online. 

So focus on building a strong relationship with your target audience. Then, how?

To reach very close to your audience, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Post relevant and informative content constantly on Facebook to engage your audience. 
  • Always write for your audience sharing more info about your niche to convert them into your followers.
  • Try to keep yourself engaged with your targeted audience, sharing your ideas with them. 
  • Wish them on various occasion or their different special days like- marriage day, birthday.
  • Inspire them to go ahead with their full enthusiasm.

Generate revenue by setting up a Facebook shop        

If you use Facebook following the above steps, I hope you have huge followers on your Facebook page and the group. Now you can monetize your Facebook followers by setting up a shop. 

As an example, you are sharing beauty and health tips, then most of the followers of the page are interested in beauty and health products. 

On the contrary, you may earn money from Facebook selling beauty and health products to the interested in the products. 

Make money doing freelance work 

When you are an active Facebook user to make money using Facebook, you have experienced Facebook marketing. 

In the present world, many business owners are hiring facebook marketers like you to manage their business. 

If you have enough knowledge of Facebook analytics and manager, you have a huge job as a Facebook marketer. 

Make money through affiliate marketing 

Now affiliate marketing is a trendy way to be a millionaire making money online. To generate revenue through affiliate marketing, you have to join an affiliate program that must be your niche. Then generate a unique link that you can place on your Facebook page and the group to getting commission against every sale through the link.

For that, you don’t need any investment. So it is very reliable to do for every newbie. 

Conclusion: If you can be professional in using Facebook, definitely, you can reach the targeted audience.