Whether you’re a Spotify listener or an artist, you may need to test a song’s total circulation or play count on Spotify. I’ve looked up the first-rate methods to test this and wrote approximately it.

To check Spotify streams, visit the artist’s Spotify profile and notice the songs indexed below the Popular phase. Artists can test their Spotify streams for any of their songs by signing up and logging into Spotify For Artists.

P.S. If you need to test your very own personal Spotify streams (as in how normally you’ve streamed a track or artist), test out my article called: Spotify Analytics For Listeners: Spotify Stats & Streams Tracker

If you aren’t the artist, you can simplest see the whole play counts or total streams of songs which are listed within the Popular phase. Total play counts can’t be found everywhere else unless you’re the artist and feature get entry to the Spotify For Artists dashboard.

For a more designated, step-by means of-step technique for each method, certainly examine on, my pal!

How To See Play Counts On Spotify

There are two major techniques to test play counts on Spotify, depending on when you have a listener profile or an artist profile.

Listener profiles are the either unfastened or paid versions of Spotify you operate to pay attention to and find out music on the Spotify app or internet browser.

Artist profiles are the profiles you use to control your songs and consider your stats while you distribute and launch tunes on Spotify.

First, we are able to look at the basic manner in which you could see what number of performances a tune has on Spotify.

1 View play counts as a listener

To view play counts for songs on Spotify, simply comply with these steps:

  • Open up the Spotify app or internet browser.
  • Type within the artist you are searching for inside the search engine.
  • Click via to the profile of the artist.
  • Under the Popular section, you will see play counts to the proper of each track.

At the time of writing this, it’s miles handiest viable to peer the play counts of songs that appear in the Popular segment of an artist’s profile.

You aren’t able to see the play counts for music that isn’t always indexed in the Popular phase. Also, any songs that have less than 1,000 general play counts will show up as >1000, even if they’re indexed in the Popular section.

However, in case you are an artist and need to see the play counts of your personal songs, there may be a manner!

2 View play counts as an artist

Artists can view play counts and movement counts of any in their songs by using getting access to the Spotify For Artists dashboard. In reality, there are lots of super insights and statistics that can be observed in the Spotify For Artists dashboard.

In addition to being capable of absolutely view move and play counts, in an interview with Emily White, the Artists Product Manager at Spotify, states that:

The most important thing in Spotify for Artists is to get entry to information that facilitates you to benefit expertise of who and in which your audience is and what songs are connecting with listeners the most.

Emily White, Spotify

So how can you get access to the Spotify For Artists dashboard so you can get the right of entry to statistics and the capacity to make Spotify editorial playlist submissions if you yourself are an artist?

Great question!

Let’s take a better study this inside the section under, my buddy!

How To Become A Spotify Artist

To get the right of entry to the Spotify For Artists dashboard and emerge as a Spotify artist, you have to first definitely have music launched on Spotify and that’s what Lil Durk has done not because of Lil Durk net worth but because of his talent and album.

So how do you get your track on Spotify?

To get your music on Spotify, you need to paint with a distributor, or with a report label that already has a distributor. They take care of all the licensing and distribution and pay your streaming royalties.


Once you have got your song on Spotify, you could really claim your artist profile with the aid of journeying this web page.

However, a few distributors (like DistroKid), surely mechanically claim your artist profile for you while you distribute track via them.

On the pinnacle of this, it’s far without a doubt very smooth and particularly cheap to do this (I ended up the usage of DistroKid because of how clean and cheap it’s miles to apply).

For a detailed investigation of this, check out my article on a way to create a Spotify artist account (you’ll even discover ways to get that beautiful blue confirmed checkmark).

However, for the great and simplest way to get your track on Spotify listener nicely, take a better take look at DistroKid and my big fats DistroKid overview to examine the whole lot about them.

There is even an on-hand How To Choose A Distributor Guide and a few data at the excellent DistroKid discount.

With that said, it’s far constantly an amazing concept to do some of your very own research and spot what other vendors are accessibly available on the market.

Some different options to check out

Although I individually use, love, and endorse DistroKid, it is constantly a good idea to look at how they evaluate the opposite men.

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