Efficient Communication Using an Online Texting Service

Author: Tim Holston

Texting is part of your daily life, and it is the same for your customers. So why not reach out to them via text? You can utilize an online texting service to enhance communication between yourself, your team, and your customer base. What’s best is that it can all be done from the convenience of your computer, not from your tiny little smartphone.

Efficient Communication Using an Online Texting

Efficient communication is part and partial to a company’s success. Switching from email campaigns to SMS marketing can save you a lot of time and help broaden your horizons. Here’s how it works – and why it works.

Why Online Texting Services Are So Efficient

SMS has an incredibly broad reach all around the world. Approximately 91.40% of people around the world own cell phones. Every single one of those phones has SMS text messaging integrated into them as a native app, and since it only relies on data, people can be reached in places where they don’t have Internet connections.

SMS is easily accessible and familiar for most cell phone users, spanning all kinds of demographics. Expanding your business can mean utilizing an online texting service from your computer to send out and track messages.

Advantages to Using an Online Texting Service

Less disruption

Phone calls are intrusive while trying to work, attend class, or drive. It’s hard to say how long any given call will last, too. In fact, many people simply don’t answer the phone anymore if they don’t know who is calling.

If they know who is texting, they are more likely to respond – and they can do so at their convenience.

Higher open rates

SMS has higher open rates than emails. Whereas only about 20% of emails get opened, over 90% of texts get read. Your customers are more likely to read your text than open your email.

Direct communication

Open a direct line of communication with customers by using an online SMS text messaging system. It gives them a more personal feeling and makes your company seem more customer-oriented. Customers will be less hesitant about connecting with you. An SMS Chabot can assist with automated responses during the times your company isn’t open.

Immediate communication

Online texts get sent immediately to customers’ inboxes and make it easy for them to quickly read and reply. Promotional text is less likely to get flagged as spam than emails since you can get VoIP numbers certified by network providers.

Ease of response

SMS text messaging has a higher response rate than emails because responding is just that simple. You can fire a quick text message back to someone in a minute or less. A lot of online SMS services have a 160-characters-or-less count, so messages are brief. Responding won’t cause someone to wrack their brain for what to say.

Efficient Communication Using an Online Texting 2

People prefer texts

Many people prefer receiving texts over phone calls. Phone calls tend to interrupt, and emails can feel tedious to read. Online SMS texts are short, non-disruptive, and don’t demand awkward conversations with someone you do not know. Also, they will not clutter someone’s inbox like emails tend to do.


Businesses often find that online SMS messaging is an affordable format compared to phone calls and email campaign services. You can find online SMS systems that will give you some low-cost options, such as customized volume prices, both for individual texts and for massive bulk texts.

Use Text Promotions

When you decide to switch to an online texting service platform, you can easily set up text messaging for your business. Your customers and team will make up your list of contacts who have granted you permission to send them SMS text messages. You can schedule your text promotions and send them any time you would like. Drafting and sending your text promotions is simple and quick, making it easy for you to communicate as a professional.

Get Better Customer Satisfaction

Making the jump to online texting enhances customer satisfaction since your customers will feel more connected with your company in a less intrusive way. Your attention-grabbing text promotions can help you build your business and keep your customers happy.

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