Blog commenting Sites list means a package of blog sites to leave your appreciation in the comment boxes of the sites. Pick the list and choose the article that can satisfy you by providing requirements. Being satisfied, leave your valuable appreciation.

High Authority blog commenting sites are a gathering place for the right audience. By joining the websites, you can connect and boost your vague ideas on your selected niche.

Blog commenting in SEO

By blog commenting, we mean to leave appreciation on a specific blog that shares information for us. When we are benefited from reading the blog, we appreciate it in the comment box. But in SEO, it means to create backlinks by placing comments in the comment box.

Now can you ask me how effective the blog comment is in SEO?

Then I will say you if you take a blog commenting sites list only to create backlinks by commenting on the blog post of the sites, your work is in vain.

After a genuine appreciation, if you place your targeted URL that must be blog-related, the link will benefit your website.

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The benefits of blog commenting

By blog commenting, you can meet some benefits. They really will help you to boost your SEO ideas online. For that, you need to go through the white hate SEO ideas.

  1. Increase brand awareness: An accurate comment will help you to have a connection with the web-masters. With the relationship, you can boost your brand awareness online.
  2. Boost web traffic: The most remarkable benefit is to drive traffic by blog commenting. A clear and informative appreciation makes it possible to pick massive traffic to your blog site.
  3. Get SEO signal: The traffic through the link on the blog where you left a comment will create an SEO signal. For that, your blog content must be informative and readable to the audience.

Blog commenting ideas in SEO

If you desire to boost your blog by leaving comments on other websites, you need to apply ideas that work. 1st, you have to know how a backlink work. A backlink has no power to rank your blog on search engines. Then, all of the backlinks are valueless? No, backlinks work, but not all backlinks. But which?

That backlinks drive traffic are. A signal that helps rank on search engines is created based on your traffic’s action on your content.

Which backlinks drive traffic to your website?

If you can represent yourself as an expert and real reader of the article on the blog by leaving appreciation definitely, you can pick massive traffic to your website. Otherwise, if it is only to create backlinks, your blog has plenty from Google for the simple task.

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Which blogs are for you?

The blogs you must visit to read and link to your website by commenting below the post are for you. Is the niche of your blog digital marketing? Then, it would help if you tried to meet the blog where the digital marketing experts share their ideas.

On the blog sites, you can read your expectable articles as your requirements. Otherwise, you can share your education on the topic making a clean conversation with the experts.

High Authority Blog Commenting Sites List

In the article, I have listed the high authority commenting sites that help lessen your labor.

High authority digital marketing blog commenting sites list

Digital marketing blog commenting sites list

High authority health and beauty blog commenting sites list

Website URLDA
Health and beauty blog commenting sites list

Final thought

Thank you for spending your valuable time. After diving, hopefully, you have met a list of your requirements. A high authority blog commenting sites list will help you to lessen your labor leaving the comments on the sites.