482 Visa Australia- How to apply and become eligible?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs introduced a 482 Visa to replace the 457 Visa.

Australia offers both national and international skilled workers a wide variety of occupations. However, skilled Australian workers are in short supply for various positions in the country. Australia can struggle with a labour shortage that will eventually impact its economy. 

Therefore, there is a significant demand for foreign labour in these occupations. It’s a fantastic chance for immigrant workers to reveal their skills in Australia.

What is 482 Visa Australia?

The 482 visa is a work visa that can only be obtained if the sponsor selects you.

The Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa permits hiring from talent pools abroad and intends to solve the shortage of skilled workers for companies unable to find the right candidates among Australians. It ensures that Australian workers are given preference throughout the process.

The Home Affairs Department offers employer-sponsored visas. Applicants for Visa 482 must be skilled employees nominated by Australian companies. Employers can sponsor professionals to work for them under this visa. To learn more about the 482 visa’s purpose and eligibility, continue to read.

482 Visa Australia Stream

When requesting a visa 482 Australia, you must decide which stream best suits your needs:

1.    482 Short-term stream

If you work in a field on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List and have an authorized business sponsor, you may be qualified to participate under this visa stream.

  •  However, as primary applicants, candidates are only permitted to have one temporary visa.
  • This visa is AUD1150 in cost.
  •  Just one renewal is allowed for this visa stream. Just one renewal is allowed for this stream of visas while you are in Australia.
  • Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to work in Australia for up to two years or four years with a short-term stream visa.

2.    482 Medium-term stream

If a company is willing to sponsor someone for a job on the Regional Occupation List or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

  • If you are eligible for the medium-term stream, you may apply for PR and remain in Australia for up to 4 years while working.
  • The visa cost is AUD2400.
  • This visa is available to apply for an infinite number of times.

3.   482 Labour Agreement Stream

Applicants with sponsors who are members of labour agreements may apply for the labour agreement stream.  The labour agreements are agreements between Australian employers and the government that allows companies to import workers for Australian employers.

The Applicant’s Eligibility Criteria

 To be qualified for visa 482 Australia under any stream, you must fulfil specific requirements, which are as follows:

  • Have at least two years of experience in the chosen profession, hold a nomination from an authorised sponsor, and have met all qualification requirements.
  • Possess certified proof of your English language skills and meet the language requirements
  • The visa must be valid at the time of application if you are in the country such as a Functional Visa, subclass 010 (Bridging A), subclass 020 (Bridging B), or subclass 030 (Bridging C).
  • Meet any additional criteria or standards for your visa application.
  • Meet the requirements for character and health
  • Meet the unique specifications of each stream.
  • It will help if you meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criterion for the Short-term stream.

The Nominating Employers’ Eligibility Criteria

If you’re an employer, you must comply with these requirements to sponsor an international individual to fill any skilled position:

·        To run a legitimate business in Australia

·        Obtain a typical business sponsorship

·        The sponsorship costs are AUD 420. Five years from the approval date, the sponsorship will be affected.

·        You can propose your employee for one of the approved skilled occupations on the list, such as the MLTSSL or STSOL, but you must:

·        Make sure the contract you present is reputable.

·        Pay a salary equal to the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) for the relevant occupation.

·        Include details about the job’s location and duration in the nomination.

·        Pay the AUD 330 in fees.

How to apply for a 482 Visa in Australia?

Step 1:  

Verify that your job is listed on the Skilled Occupation Lists.

Step 2:

Make sure you fulfil all qualifying conditions.

To apply, you must fulfil the criteria listed below:

·        Being proficient in the English language;

·        Getting health insurance when visiting Australia; and

·        Comply with the health and character requirements for all applicants for Australian visas

Step 3:

Look for a company that will sponsor you so you can take a job in Australia. Employers can submit an online employer sponsorship application through the Home Affairs Department.

Step 4:

Obtain a nomination from your employer.

Once you have a job, you must ask them to recommend you for a TSS visa. In addition to the sponsoring and nominating applications your employer submits, you can also apply for a visa simultaneously.  Nominations are submitted online by employers to the Home Affairs Department.

Step 5:

Apply for the TSS Visa.

After submitting the employer nomination form, you can apply for a 457 visa online with the DHA.

Step 6:

Wait for the final decision.

If you apply for a visa, the Department may take months to decide whether to grant it. The TSS visa processing period in 2018 is 11–18 days.

Step 7:

Get started working as soon as you obtain your visa!

Once your application is approved, you will be given a visa and be able to work in Australia.

482 Visa Australia- Processing Time

Temporary Skills Shortage 482 Visa processing time varies from stream to stream or depends on the visa case. The Home Affairs Department handles requests for Australian visas case by case.

1.    For Short-Term Stream

·        44 days for 25% of applications

·        83 days for 50% of applicants

·        75% of applications take a year.

·        15 months for 90% of applicants.

2.    For Medium-Term stream

·        44 days for 25% of applications

·        83 days for 50% of applicants

·        75% of applications take a year.

·        15 months for 90% of applicants.

3.    Labour Agreement Stream

·        34 days for 25% of applications

·        50 days for 50% of applicants

·        75 percent of applications 30 days

·        7 months for 90% of applications

According to Ministerial Directives, the Department is currently prioritising applications on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) and those in crucial industries.

Visa 482 Australia- Conditions

Once you are granted a 482 visa, you must adhere to the following conditions to keep your visa valid:

·        You must begin working no later than 90 days after arriving in Australia or receiving your visa (if you applied from within the country).

·        You are limited to working in the field of your choice.

·        You are not given permission to take a break of more than 2 months.

·        You can only work for the firm or organization that nominated you (unless you are exempt).


The purpose of the 482 Visa is to address Australia’s employment crisis. Where they cannot recruit a skilled Australian employee, employers in Australia might sponsor immigrant labour for their company.

It’s a phenomenal opportunity for highly qualified foreign professionals to test their skills in Australia.

So, if you wish to become a part of the Australian economy, you need to apply for the 482 Visa. 

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